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  1. Thanks guys. You don't think it kills my WR core? I'll def try and trade one of my other rbs for another WR.
  2. Not sure about this one. I want to pull the trigger, but not sure I want to weaken my WR core. I was offered Carlos Hyde for Will Fuller in a standard scoring league. I'm 7-0 currently so not desperate. I'm trying to get right for the playoffs wk 14-16. I know it could make me weaker at WR, but feel like I get a solid upgrade at RB so I want to get other's thoughts.......THANKS!! Current RB's: Kareem Hunt Alvin Kamara Joe Mixon Tarik Cohen Joe Mixon Chris Thompson Current WR's: Amari Cooper Michael Thomas Will Fuller Adam Thielen Cooper Kupp Willie Snead Corey Davis
  3. So this guy is taking me to my SHIP riiiiight? I mean I dropped Jordan Matthews for this killer!!
  4. That's what I'm trying to figure out. They've scored 15, 21, and 32 points the past 4 weeks.
  5. Scoring: 6pts per TD and 1 pt for every 15 rushing yards. Brees seems like the safest floor, with Watson having the higher potential ceiling. Who would you roll with? Thanks!!
  6. Absolutely Clement is the guy that will get the carries not given to Blount. They did sign Barner but I don't expect him to do much but who knows....they may decide to split carries amongst all 3 of them.
  7. Packers rb situation seems kinda muddled but add Aaron Jones to this list. I'm interested to see how this list shakes out. Like someone mentioned....a 3 down back is preferred.
  8. I'm wondering if it's time to unload this guy for another position of need if I can find a sucker. I mean interested league-mate!
  9. Current QB's are Cam Newton & Alex Smith. I was offered Phillip Rivers for Emmanuel Sanders straight up. I want to pull the trigger if he's a clear upgrade over Cam & Alex, otherwise I'd like to hold onto Sanders if not. Thanks!
  10. I know he might not be completely healithy now but I'm keeping an eye on Ryan Switzer in DAL. Especially useful if get some slot work.