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  1. Where you are from. - Queens, NY Age. 30 Fantasy baseball background. 10+ years, play in 1 or 2 dynasty leagues with friends, looking for something more competitive. What's most important to you when you seek out a new league opportunity to join. - Deep rosters, active competition, a league on fantrax. What characteristics do you bring to the league. - i am a big minor league fan, good overall knowledge, like to talk trades. I am looking to join only 1 dynasty league with some money involved that would be fun and competitive. Email: ddinatale88@gmail.com
  2. Who would be the best streaming option of the 3 Brewers starters set to start on the road against the Pirates this weekend? Chacin - Friday Davies - Saturday Miley - Sunday
  3. That tough to see Herrera get hurt pitching in a 15-0 game. Hopefully it wasn't an Achilles tear.
  4. I don't see a thread on him, he may be forgotten in the deep San Diego system. If he is healthy and can pick up where he left off, he can move through the minors quickly. 2016 pitching stats in A ball before TJ surgery were: 9 starts 42 1/3 IP 20 hits 5 bb 71 ks 0.95 era 0.59 whip He just turned 22 years old, what are you expecting from him this season? Recent article on him: https://friarsonbase.com/2018/02/16/san-diego-padres-prospect-chris-paddack/ "After missing all of 2017, Paddack is expected to begin the 2018 season in minor league training camp this month. Hopefully, he will be worked back in very slowly. The amount of pitching depth affords the Padres this luxury. His fastball is a potential plus-pitch that sits at 91-92 mph. It does have good movement, a slight cut-action which he uses on both sides of the plate. His best pitch is his changeup. A potential plus-plus pitch, Fangraphs grades the off-speed offering at a 65. It’s the curveball that gives Paddack the most trouble. Nowhere near major league ready, this could be the deciding factor as to whether he’s a bullpen piece or a member of the starting rotation. He will need that third pitch to reach his projected ceiling, a back-end of the rotation starter."
  5. http://wtop.com/washington-nationals/2017/08/why-im-worried-about-nationals-top-prospect-victor-robles/ What are your thoughts on Robles' hbp skill? If he stays healthy he will likely break the mlb career record by the time he's 30. Do you think he will need to change his approach to avoid 30-50 hbp per season? Also do you view his plate discipline as weak considering his obp in inflated due to getting hit by pitches.
  6. I dont see him listed as a top 100 prospect on any of cbs, mlb.com, baseball america, espn's lists so far. Any obvious reason for this that I am missing? I was expecting him to be in the 25-50 rangeon every list.
  7. No he wasnt, am I allowed to post espn's top 100 without the descriptions?
  8. http://www.masslive.com/redsox/index.ssf/2017/12/boston_red_soxs_xander_bogaert_1.html Better link summing up 2017's health. Funny, Its almost like hes overrated because he played last season. Had he missed half of the season, he would be considered a sleeper for 2018..
  9. Left thumb injury: May 23 article explaining the effects Bogaerts had as a result of a thumb injury at the beginning of the season: “I can’t really finish my swing. It’s more hitting and letting it go,” said Bogaerts. “I can’t hit with two hands at all right now . . . Man, it’s tough.” https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2017/05/23/soxside/xnjlagMw3xpsrjt4cfcBvI/story.html Left Wrist injury: Written in September, talks about how much Bogaerts has been playing through pain from getting hit by a pitch in July.oing.https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2017/09/03/slowed-injury-xander-bogaerts-hoping-for-reboot/2O1bsvOu9x9bcU9cm4kCnK/story.html So Bogaerts stubbornly played througj pain and was mediocre last season. Imagine if he was on the DL last season for half of the season, how close would you value him to his 2015-2016 ranking considering 2017 to be a wasted lost season. I think you could get him 8th-10th round most leagues and confidently expect 2015-2016 numbers if he has no more hand/wrist injuries.
  10. For those that dont like him, is it because they think last year's wrist injury will continue to affect him this season?
  11. I remember being turned off by last March's elbow swelling right before the season started which turned out to be nothing significant. Anyone still think of him as an elbow injury risk? http://www.cleveland.com/tribe/index.ssf/2017/03/cleveland_indians_carlos_carra_14.html He had Tommy John surgery back in 2011. At what point are pitchers at a greater risk for another elbow injury after having tj surgery. I remember reading something like most pitchers last on average ~6-8 years. http://www.imaginarybrickwall.com/high-risk-starting-pitchers-in-the-post-tommy-john-surgery-death-zone/
  12. Did Jung Ho Kang get suspended for sexual assault accusations? That's the only comparable player I can think of. Regardless, if there is no MLB penalty, I could see the twins releasing him and other teams avoiding him for a long time..I'm assuming it will be a turn off to fans to root for a player like that. Not worth the risk.