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  1. The Athletic's Matt Schneidman expects Robert Tonyan to open the season as the Packers' top pass-catching tight end. Is he a drop at this point? Holding on to him in my dynasty league, but have to commit to him for next season as well if I decide to keep him. Anyone keeping him or hearing anything good?
  2. In a 9-cat salary league. Hayward is on the WW at 32M, I have Conley at 32M. Conley has looked pretty terrible so far minus one good game. Hayward looks to be back to his old self. Make this swap?
  3. This is my first year in a fantasy basketball league and it is a 9 category - 12 team H2H league. This is a 150M Salary Cap league, which we use actually NBA salaries. So I have wiggins at 6.5M. Next year if I keep him it takes his new contract 25+M. Jaylon Brown is at 6M for another year after this one. Would you do this deal? It helps me a fair bit in the assists, 3s, and FT categories. And Brown has been high TO. Beal Brown 2nd Rounder 3rd Rounder For Lillard
  4. I'd go with what you have. Fitz over Ertz makes some sense, but I prefer Ertz. Help me please -
  5. I'd make this deal. Garcon is getting high targets, so he will give some value. I love Kamara and think he has some big games coming his way. They traded AP to let him get the ball. I know Ingram was the beneficiary last week, but I think Kamara will have multiple big games down the stretch. Ingram has also been known to miss time. Help me out -
  6. Depending on the other's teams depth I think that is a fair deal for Gronk. Def sell high on AP while you can. Can you help me on my Gronk trade?
  7. Tough drop. TBH I hate the Seattle backfield situation. Seems like it could be someone different on any given week. I'd be leaning towards dropping Rawls, but it's a tough call. Especially with Mckinnon coming on strong and being more similar to Cook's skillset. Murray hasn't showed he can stay healthy long term either.
  8. I would make this trade, especially in a non-ppr. Baldwin is a TD machine and Lynch's best days are behind him. That OL looks average at best.
  9. I think it's a fair trade and depends on the team. Mckinnon looked great last week behind a great OL. I assume that will continue as he assumes Cook's role. If you are needy at WR then I take this deal.
  10. 12 Team IDP - PPR League I'd be getting Gronk. Should I take this deal? Help me and I'll help you!