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  1. Yeah, I am just thinking the falcons have no reason to play Freeman. Will they see what their others guys can do? Julio getting benched could raise the value of guys like Gage.
  2. Merge if needed but seeing that D. Freeman was being shopped yesterday, it got me thinking the Falcons will probably sit him late in the year to see what they have. What guys are you eyeing to add before they become possible ”must adds.” Brian Hill came to mind as the Falcons are done. Thoughts? I’m in a 16 team league by the way. These 8 man league guys make me smile.
  3. Need 23+ from Adams and Tate in a ppr. 😳
  4. Picked up this Williams in my 16 team league. Worth seeing what happens. Possible Reid doesn’t want to push Ware, especially if they lock up their playoff spot. They will need more than one rb for playoffs so why not see what they have in this guy the last weeks. My rationale for grabbing him anyway.
  5. He’s getting targets, though he hasn’t done much with them recently. I’m going to continue to hold in PPR. Bye week flex right now.
  6. If I knew how to post a gif.
  7. Averages 110 rushing yards in wins, 35 in losses. Feed the man and good things will happen.
  8. Yeah, won’t affect Payton either. He sent AD packing quick, and he’s a future HOF
  9. All of the guys the op listed are owned in my league. I thought he was looking at the best matchups for the playoffs, regardless of who it is.
  10. With Gronk hurting and the injury history, is Hogan a guy to scoop up in deep leagues or are the Pats now a running team with Michel and less of a passing team? In a 16 team league and he’s sitting there.
  11. Buy Kerryon Johnson. This guy is going to be a beast very soon. Running style and patience reminds me of Arian Foster, Lev Bell etc. a bit lighter than those guys but has talent to be the 3-down back soon. I really see him as a top 2 round rb next year, lions just have to give him the rock, though, who know what Patricia is thinking.