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  1. I wouldn't do either. Def not #1, that is way too much or Golladay. Your team looks great and your 4-1. You hold all the cards. I'd offer way less for Golladay and then offer more if you really want him. I honestly think Fuller (pending health) is a great #2 WR. Heck with Diontae on your bench I think you are solid.
  2. Evans is dinged up and I think Godwin fits Brady's style better being more of a possession receiver whereas Evans is more of a deep threat. I agree with KennyWoo JuJu's name alone has value and I'd get rid of him soon.
  3. Based on the Bell news, I don't think that would be wise. RB are so valuable.
  4. You don't need and probably won't use Boyd, but it feels like too much to give for Singletary. However, since you won't use Boyd and RB are so hard to have, just f-ing do it.
  5. What he said. Godwin coming back will hurt Evans. No one else on Bears is even close to Arob.
  6. f--- it, yes. You are deep at WR and the Pack are rolling.
  7. What say you forum? Matty Ice or the rook, Herbert rest of the season.
  8. Cam all day. You will probably start Cam, not Claypool based on your WRS.
  9. Yes please. Adams, when healthy, is the top WR. Kelce is the top TE, but Waller is right there. The point difference with Adams tips the scales for me.
  10. That is tough. I too would give a slight edge to Henry - it is close though.
  11. I agree with FitzMagic. A lot of mouths to feed in Pittsburgh. Only Higgins and Boyd in Cincy.
  12. About to drop him this week myself. I do think he will improve, but I cannot wait with injuries and BYES. I'd hold for one more week.