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  1. Kupp hasn't done much lately. The TD he got last week was in garbage time. Rams have a lot of other weapons. I'd lean Chark.
  2. I am struggling with who to start at running back. Help me choose 1 from the following 4: P. Lindsay vs Lions R. Mostert vs Rams M. Boone vs Green Bay J. Conner @ New York Jets WHIR
  3. I worry more about Lock impacting Lindsey. Lock could turn it over a bit and then they will be playing from behind. Assuming the saving grace if that happens is Lindsey will see more pass targets for us ppr league owners
  4. Williams for sure. I'd say Lindsey over Sanders. Sanders has had his chances at the No.1 and hasn't done anything with it.
  5. I'd go w/Crosby. Giants have been giving up a lot of points to kickers the last 3 weeks.
  6. Gotta go w/Brown. He has shown more involvement than Montgomery.
  7. I know Winston has had issues this year, but you know he will be throwing the ball a ton. I'd roll with him. Help me?
  8. Penny might be worth cutting for Sanders. Sanders and Philly have a sick schedule (MIA, NYG, WAS) and Sanders has a role on that offense. Who knows with Penny what his role will be.
  9. Gotta go w/Allen. Rivers #1 receiving option.
  10. My gut says Snell is the safer pick. Fuller might get more options w/NE focusing on Nuk, but NE pass D is tough.
  11. Kyler Murray is available on waivers? That is a no brainer to me - grab him.
  12. Touch between Carson and Montgomery for me. Gotta figure the Lions defense will be exhausted because their offense will not be on the field much. I'm going to say Montgomery.
  13. Yes he might but that will only be because their third string QB cannot get anything going. The bears will be able to stack the box against Scarbrough. Put it to you this way, would you rather have: Sanders with a healthy Wentz at QB versus the Dolphins OR Scarbrough with a third string QB versus the Bears Help Me?
  14. I would stay away from Golladay. He isn't the same without Stafford - heck the entire offense isn't. With the third string QB and a tough Bears D - forget about it. I think Darnold will have a big game. Going with Anderson.
  15. Fitzmagic is interesting to me. They will be playing from behind and throwing a lot. OK, back to reality - Matty Ice all the way.
  16. I think you have it right, Sanders. I was thinking maybe Freeman, but the Saints are tough on D and will have revenge on their mind after losing to ATL a week ago.
  17. Singletary, Gallup and Michel.
  18. Which QB should I start this week? League rewards 4pts for TDs, 1 pt for every 25yds and -2pts for INTs. T. Brady on the road in Houston N. Foles at home against Tampa WHIR
  19. Some comments from coach Carroll on Carson and Penny, https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/seahawks-pete-carroll-fired-up-about-rashaad-pennys-breakthrough-what-does-that-mean-for-chris-carson/ A quick snippet: “What Chris did yesterday, our offensive lineman knocked the ball out of his hands on the first one. The other one, it was a communication problem. It’s a little different than the guy just dropping the ball all over the place.” After the game, Wilson took the blame for the miscue on the handoff exchange. The quarterback changed the play to a run at the line of scrimmage — and Carson clearly didn’t hear the audible.
  20. I think Foles too. Goff has been trash lately. I know the match up is great, but how can you go with him based on his recent past performances?
  21. Very tight lipped in KC on Dam. Wondering if we will get much of anything. We heard about T. Hill and L. McCoy, but nothing on Dam. Not a good good sign.
  22. Thanks. Leaning that way at the moment. What keeps creeping in my mind is starting Hollister and then Kittle going off tonight.
  23. This is killing me. We all are more than likely in a position of needing a win this late in the season. Kittle is a beast but I am concerned he will be on a limited snap count. I got burned by Everett last week in a similar situation. I can go with Everett again which feels like a total flip of the coin or grab Hollister who is healthy and has little competition at his position on the Seahawks. Any Bay area folks with some local info to share on Kittle?