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  1. Thanks for the reply. Next time I see the problem, I'll capture the details and send a mail to help as you suggested.
  2. I realize this is an old thread - but I have been having these issues of late. I tried clearing cookies etc - have this issue across browsers. And then I realized - if I'm on VPN to my work network, I don't hit this issue. If I am directly logged in from my home Wi-Fi, I get the "Banned" message - again, I am fairly sure I haven't done anything to deserve it! If I login using WiFi tethering from my mobile data, again, no issues. So it seems my home WiFi / internet IP address is being blocked by the rotoworld forums (rotoworld website has no issues, only the forums) - no idea why. Any help regarding this would be great!
  3. Has issued 6 walks all season so far. Even with lower Ks, he's been superb in K/BB leagues so far.
  4. Could be a 2B #10 in OBP leagues if he can get his walks up as a few posters have alluded to and reach .290 to .300 OBP like he did in 2016. His 2017 numbers with .250 OBP was barely worth rostering even in 12 team leagues that use OBP instead of AVG.