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  1. Odd that the picture shows the hitters; it's like the person who made the graphic missed their own point.
  2. You, as a Mets fan, are glad that a division rival took steps to make their roster better during a window when the Mets could be competitive? You all are too enamored with prospects. This Nats team is a world series threat again this year and has enough weapons where a little luck and some good signings could easily keep them competitive for the next five years.
  3. This tweet is evergreen; just gotta change the names and orgs every once in a while.
  4. Y'all are really worried about the payroll of the freakin' Yankees!? What planet is this?
  5. You guys worried about future flexibility realize that if Cole remains good, you could get stuck trading prospects to keep up with the Angels or Dodgers? You don't avoid risk of he signs elsewhere.
  6. Hits get championships. Champions with zero large contracts are very rare. You have to take chances somewhere.
  7. If a team is willing to run an illegal video feed in order to steal signs, then am I supposed to believe that they may not try to intercept verbal communications? Wouldn't the hitter hear the catcher, anyway, in a lot of cases? I don't understand the case for "technology" somehow solving the problem of teams being willing to blatantly cheat and steal from their opponents. There's not going to be a magic bullet if you're not willing to hammer teams that are caught doing it.
  8. They didn't take a kid's lunch money, though, they only took... hold on a sec... his dad's job. Ouch, that's... like... much worse.
  9. I don't muster much outrage for people who cheat others out of something important and then come to physical harm as a direct result. Sorry. There's an easy way to avoid it. Not saying it's right, but I have more important things to worry about.
  10. Can I have the $30 million paycheck and World Series ring?
  11. Agree to disagree. There are worse things than bodily harm and cheating somebody out of a lifelong goal is one of them.
  12. They did blatantly cheat. The internet sometimes has this odd kumbaya obsession. They won the World Series... Kershaw is still a laughing stock in the playoffs; guys lost their jobs; a year's worth of work and playing through injuries and eventual heartache taken away. The Astros actively cheated and there's a cohort on here that thinks a draft pick or fine somehow undoes it. It's insane. I bet most players would gladly take the fastball up and the World Series ring.
  13. Not everybody has the same palette. He does it, at least in part, to annoy pitchers; is it any wonder there are people that don't like it? I love it, for the record. All the better if some people find it grating; it means it probably works. Oh, and full disclosure, I'd probably hate it if I didn't like Soto so much.
  14. Yeah, I've never understood the hype around QS; it seems more arbitrary than wins, not less. Our league uses IP (in addition to W) and it's always been controversial, but I'm more and more convinced it's one of the better pitching stats. Teams don't leave guys in to accumulate innings unless they're earning them and I don't think anybody would argue that a 5 IP 0 ER performance is equal to a 9 IP 0 ER one. Besides, per the article below, guys like Chris Sale and Corey Kluber have called it their favorite stat; who am I to argue with them? https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-players-vote-for-stats-they-value-most-c274986480
  15. Trea must've heard your challenge and invented a time machine, because he did that last year.