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  1. So much for my misplaced optimism that the shutdown should at least mean no bad pitcher news for a few months.
  2. Well, I think we can move past the Rebekah Jones thing... there's a mess with reporting in multiple states, including Florida, as well as the CDC. Any discussion of testing just got much more difficult. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/05/cdc-and-states-are-misreporting-covid-19-test-data-pennsylvania-georgia-texas/611935/
  3. One potentially disgruntled employee's word would not be enough to carry an accusation much less serious than this one. The reporter who got this info should have said "oh, that's interesting... I wonder if I can corroborate this." Instead, we get a wild accusation printed and flung around as if there's weight to it, hoping it sticks. And we wonder why people don't trust the press.
  4. I don't think you get appreciably better here and you're definitely losing the deal long-term, so I'm with the majority on this one. Don't do it.
  5. Probably not that high but definitely improving. Ohio is apparently testing 10k a day, up from 2k in April.
  6. Just an anecdote, but my wife was told Friday she may have been exposed, called for a test Friday, and is scheduled for the test Monday. I've been hearing testing is improving but was still kind of shocked how easy it was. This is Ohio fwiw.
  7. Profit sharing isn't a great option with private companies who likely profit off the enterprise in a number of ways; that's all. Public companies that have public filings and can get in big trouble for fudging records? Sure. Private companies with majority owners who rely on the one enterprise for income and would, again, get in big trouble for fudging tax records? Sure. Billionaire owners who profit off the enterprise in numerous ways? You have to take a guess at how much they can afford to pay and do your best to get that out of them. Anybody basing pay on profit-sharing in that situation is a sucker; you'll never get a true number out of them. They may not even know what the number is and I doubt they'll try very hard to get it for you.
  8. "No no, you don't understand. My television station is a separate business entity, as is the memorabilia store, the concessions vendor, and the luxury box management company."
  9. The players have access to PR through their agents and union. The billionaires just have better messaging discipline; understandable due to age and the number of people involved and backgrounds, but it's not for lack of resources. The union would be wise to lean on their members to exercise messaging discipline right now and limit social media posts on the matter.
  10. Polish matters if you're going to fight this battle in the public arena. The owners are baiting the players and this is them taking the bait.
  11. The fact that the 2020 season may ride on the journalistic credibility of Trevor Plouffe is not encouraging. Even if he believes he has reliable sources, he has no track record of breaking news for us to believe them. People always think they have better information than everybody else and one low-level contact could easily misinterpret something as being inevitable when it's merely in planning or discussion.
  12. This is the only discussion where Trout would be discussed as if he was similar to every other baseball player.
  13. Not much going on right now, but you have to love this...