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  1. I'm in full tank mode, thanks, maybe 2 1's is too high of a value
  2. I'm debating on trading Allen. I am wondering what his value is based on future draft picks. What about trading him for 2 number 1 picks, next year and the following? Whir
  3. Montgomery could have a good year if gets 16 starts, I'm kinda shying away from him tho defiantly an upgrade over woodhead. People r down on tyreek now and rightfully so preseason strugges but dude can ball. Olsen is what he is. Its a fair trade. Me personaly would take hill over olsen, looks like a coin flip
  4. Gilisse will have some good games some no shows, I like t rex the best outta ne s group, Henry is a lottery ticket, it's pretty much junk for junk, if u gotta rely on gilisse ur in trouble
  5. I would do that all day, my goodness
  6. They probably finish about the same, wr for wr doesn't make much sense
  7. I ended up 1st and 7th rnd picks this year and my 3rd next year for his 1st and 4th this year and 1st next year...i now pick 4th instead of first