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  1. I just had the same debate. Came down to what you need more. I needed avg, obp and sbs. I also need the eligibility that hampson has (2b,ss) and looks like he's on his way to of. If you need power, Kingery The Rockies have been awful and I think they might be heating up.
  2. Someone just dropped Alex Smith. I have Cousins on bye. I picked up Dak to start against Phi. But someone just dropped Alex Smith (playing TB). Which one would you start?
  3. Have two teams, but almost the same RBs. .5 PPR league: Team one - sit one Mack vs. JAX Ingram vs. CIN AP vs. TB Team two - sit one Mack vs. JAX Ingram vs. CIN AP vs. TB Fournette vs. JAX Thanks
  4. With Diggs ruled out, I need to drop one. 14 team competitive league. I could drop Fitz but would need to pick up someone for Diggs bye week next week I could drop min def, but I was planning on starting the vs. Det today and they pair well with NE rest of season. But then I'd have to start NE against gb tonight. I could drop NE but they have the best playoff schedule def... And ten next week. Thoughts?
  5. Not sure if he'd go for it, but it's more of a general question. I have Kamara, Ingram, AP, and Mack. I'm tempted to trade Ingram to have some diversity with NOLA. Though I could also move AP or Mack- but their schedules look good. How would you rank the RBs to trade away first?
  6. Need to start two of these in .5 ppr: Edelman vs BUF (30th) Mack vs OAK (9th) Ingram vs MIN (26th)
  7. .5 flex. Currently starting kamara, diggs, amendola, Peterson, Olsen. Need one more flex: Mack vs oak Ingram vs min Kittle vs az?
  8. Trying to get ahead of the streamers in my league. Would you pick up: DAL vs. Ten CAR vs. TB MIA vs. Nyj DEN @ Hou LAC @ Sea KC @ Cle
  9. 2-5 team thanks to me screwing up my lineups. Please pick 5 for me in 0.5 ppr: Ingram vs MIN Peterson vs NYG OBJ vs WAS Edelman vs BUF Mack vs OAK Fitz vs SF Amendola vs HOU