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  1. bahaha you're right.. Titan Up! haha Titan Down works too.. considering how bad they've been this year
  2. Thanks man Awesome! Titan Down!!!
  3. Same Tate or Pascal for me. I'd go with Tate over Pascal. Help? Thanks
  4. i'm a bit biased obviously, but i'm pretty high on Henry. I feel like he's going to get the ball more and more as the season progresses.. Same as last year. Also, considering his last performance, I fell like you could sell him higher. I like Godwin but you might be able to grab a better wr? Maybe? anyways.. my two cents. WHIR? Thanks!
  5. Yeah I was thinking the same. Thanks bud
  6. Standard Scoring ESPN Who should I start this week? Ronald Jones, Miles Sanders, Sammy Watkins or Mohammed Sanu? Thanks WHIR!