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  1. These are video game numbers...30/195/1, 34/182/1, 32/211/3. He's the only player in NFL history to hit 180+ rushing yards in 3 consecutive games. It's the best run of form we've seen from an RB since Terrell Davis. If Derrick Henry takes the Titans into the Superbowl, he'll go into the history books as an NFL legend. Doesn't seem all that unlikely either.
  2. Jamal Lewis had 10,000 yards over a decade long career. Not sure why you're putting him alongside Larry and Hillis
  3. Brady isn't as important as people think, especially at the age of 42. BUT as long as Belichick is there, the Pats will continue their reign of terror over the AFC East. I won't predict their demise until he leaves. Belichick needs to be impeached immediately.
  4. Cowboys roster is loaded. Whichever way you look at it, Garrett underachieved big time. I'm not a cowboys fan, but Cowboys ticket prices are still pretty reasonable compared to other 'major' NFL franchises. It's also the best stadium in America. Some fans - like the chargers - pay way more money to watch their team lose games in a s---y little soccer stadium. It could be a lot worse.
  5. Identical ypc as last year, almost the same yards and targets per game. Only difference is the touchdowns, he went 9 games without scoring a touchdown, which nobody could have predicted. But then, even the weakest fantasy football players know that TDs are the least predictable stat from one year to the next. You don't count on TDs, you count on usage, and from this point of view, nothing has really changed. He hit exactly 81 receptions for the third straight year: Kamara is a safe 1st rounder. The only way that changes is if the Saints re-shape their offense, maybe by adding another RB or WR (they could use another WR, btw). My feeling is he plays better in a committee, he should be getting fewer carries. In PPR, he'll never be a bust if he's pulling 100 targets/80 receptions.
  6. What the hell is this? @DerrickHenrysCleats, as the world's leading expert on all Derrick Henry-related subject matter, can you please give us some details on this phenomenon?
  7. Win 6 super bowls, win 60, win 600...but the patriots are NEVER winning any respect. This might be harsh, but its fair, especially when you repeatedly show complete disregard for the game's rules and integrity. Also, here's a picture of your coach making out with his fairly unattractive daughter: Seriously, is THIS what you want to defend? I'm disgusted. Behavior like this, when taken in addition to Thomas Brady's weird, un-Christian kiddy-fiddling shenanigans ,sets a TERRIBLE example for kids. This is NOT what the founding fathers intended when they created this great nation. America is about entrepreneurial spirit, a respect for laws, and above all, god. Would you ever raise YOUR kids to emulate such behavior? "You see that, like Brady, be like Belichick..." I wouldn't. And marked the end of the NFL's darkest era.
  8. Jamous Pinkston is absolute dog****, but there's one ray of hope...Bruce Arians. Arians has a near-saintly level of forgiveness. Most coaches wouldn't even contemplate playing a 30 INT QB. It's unthinkable. Pinkston has been allowed to get away with murder. And by allowing him to do so, Arians is winning the award for most 'liberally progressive liberal' you'll find in the NFL. Saintliness aside, Arians actually likes Pinkston. He's known him since high school. By all accounts, the opportunity to coach him played a huge part in Arians' decision to take the job. Familiarity inspires sympathy...and patience. If Arians brings him back, there IS reason to be optimistic, and his career stays alive. After all, it's only been one season. If Arians, of all people, gives up on him, he'll end up as another Ryan Fitzpatrick. Bouncing around as a part-time starter from one team to another.
  9. I read the bible, collect donations for our troops, and feed the homeless.
  10. The Lamar Jackson-Mark Andrews connection is pretty special.
  11. 2020 is an amazing draft class. The best in a long time. @sportsguy21792 I know its early but can we agree on a tentative start date? Say the 3rd week of July, or something? So people can plan ahead and there are no delays... I can safely predict i'll be trying to move up from 1.14