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  1. You're the favorite to win it this year. No pressure!!
  2. This is weird...I thought I had replaced Higbee with Everett before the game started. It didn't save it for some reason.
  3. An extra bench spot would be fine. You could do it specifically for this season. It shouldn't be a permanent change, fewer bench spots makes drafting and waiver acquisitions more strategic. I'm completely against this. Increasing playoff spots is rewarding mediocrity.
  4. These are the games that count. Anybody can run up the score on Miami or Cleveland.
  5. He's got such a loaded offense to work with. Check down to ekeler, he'll get the yards on his own. Keenan is one of the best route runners in the league, always open. Williams and Henry, big catch radius. Hand off to Kelley when you're changing it up. Kinda hard for him to fail.
  6. Pastor, it's a lot simpler than that; is there any there other place where Calvin Camera would be as productive? Saints' hyper-efficient offense led by the surgical Dr. brees makes him what he is. He should tell his agent to stop grifting over a few pennies and sign on the dotted line. $12 million is no death sentence.
  7. Anybody want Hayden hurst? Will move for mid-low 2nd.
  8. Live odds. I got them about 5 minutes after the Czechs were leading 2-0, it was the 65th minute or something. So x looked really unlikely. I wasn't even chasing the number, I just thought the result was a strong possibility with those two teams - I read the game correctly, but there was that twist at the end. Happens F*** parlays btw... easiest way to lose money. Most of my losses were on parlays, props, those teasers. Gotta ignore them, they'll never hit. Over/under and moneyline...across all sports, safest way to gamble. But for the noobs reading this, you should only gamble what you're happy to your wins and losses are inconsequential. pour one out for the o2.5 'crowd from yesterday's big game...
  9. Nice win. funny you mention minute 88, I just remembered the turkey-Czech republic game from euro 2008. Was sweating out a 2-2 score after confidently locking in 40/1 for a draw (Czechs blew a 2-0 lead)...huge win for me...until this happens: Good times!!
  10. Hard knocks was an eye opener. This might be the most unQB-like thing ever said by a QB: "My job is to get you the ball. I'm your assistant." i can see why those scouts flagged this kid's personality. Can't remember the last QB that was like this...maybe joe flacco?
  11. Bodog Live betting was ahead of its time. Stylish display, instant line changes and easy to use. I wasted money betting live baseball and soccer games, but it was good fun. Moved over to but my appetite for betting is gone. Last serious bet was $250 on the saints to win the 2018 SB @ 18/1, whoops
  12. Why does every cancer patient make their condition known to the public? In this case, maybe it's for the best, as this team desperately needs some pity
  13. Gibson taking snaps at RB doesn't really hurt Love (or AP). He'll still be the lead ball carrier. If love returns to his college form, he's by far the best RB on this team. But we don't know if he will. He's had such a long layoff, and any prediction would be an uninformed guess. For what it's worth, he got a veterans rest day and he claims to be fully recovered since February. Sucks we don't have a preseason to actually watch this guy play. Hype trains are fuelled by good preseason performances.
  14. He's not a slot guy. Godwin plays slot. Scotty is an outside receiver, think John brown when he was playing for Arians in Arizona. Like brown, He'll have some big games if he gets enough playing time.
  15. If you're looking for a rookie that can hit the ground running, this is your guy. He's unguardable. Simple as that. DBs won't know what hit them, and they'll struggle to adjust. @pastorofmuppets2 mentioned diggs, but this kid is more like Odell beckham. Only question is the number of targets he'll get. OBJ became the Giants' top receiver his rookie year by default, after victor cruz went down. Jeudy has more competition for targets.
  16. He is bigly underrated. Will comfortably outplay his ADP.
  18. I feel like roasting all these teams (incl. my own). Should I?
  19. Quality sales pitch on all these guys, but you're still cutting 2 for a kicker/d