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  1. Thanks for the offers, guys. Went back and forth on this, but I decided to keep the pick. Round 4 Brady's Forte from Unemployed Sofa King - Tyler johnson DerrickHenrysCleats - Lynn Bowden jr El Iguanodon from Sexy Sacks Man - Donovan Peoples Jones CreamySteelers - Cole Kmet Chi - TE IronCocks - Collin Johnson, TE - JAX Little Giants - Adam Trautman Grey Ghost of Gouda - @ahoitink Bao Dynasty Warriors Brady's Forte Pack Attack SouthernSteeler El Iguanodon
  2. I'll trade my 4th for a 2021 pick. If anyone's interested.
  3. Word gets around. He's from an upper class jewish family. His background counted against him, as people were asking; "is he coachable?", "Does he even like football?", "Is he a good leader?", among other things: A lot of this was off the record, granted...but it makes sense when you notice how notoriously picky the NFL can be when it comes to the 'profile' of their athletes. And Rosen definitely doesn't fit the mould. Can't really complain about this, as the NFL is [mostly] fair and meritocratic in nature. Rosen probably just isn't good enough. He's lost 2 years of his career on two awful teams, a knockdown that's nearly impossible to recover from. There's probably some truth to the 'rumors'. I remember reading something about how Fitzpatrick ate lunch with the linemen, had the trust of his teammates, and took the decision out of the coaches hands just by being more 'likeable'. The team didn't want to play hard for Rosen. Sometimes its like that. NFL scouts and evaluators have their misses, but they usually get it right with QBs. Far too much time spent on analyzing the QB position. Even the smaller details, like the ones mentioned above, can make a difference. Especially if its commonly-held opinion within the league. I like Josh, i hope he does well...but its not looking good for his career at the moment.
  4. Team Name Rotoworld Name1 Unemployed Sofa King to DHC - Rob Gronkowski2 DerrickHenrysCleats DerrickHenrysCleats - Bryan Edwards3 Sexy Sacks Man - Eno benjamin4 CreamySteelers - Laviska Shenault Jr.5 IronCocks - Antonio Gibson6 Little Giants - Van Jefferson7 Grey Ghost of Gouda - Darrynton Evans 8 Little Giants - Devin Duvernay9 Brady's Forte - @TBB10 Pack Attack sportsguy2179211 SouthernSteeler southernSteeler12 El Iguanodon megamoviejohn
  5. Team Name Rotoworld Name 1 Unemployed Sofa King to DHC - Rob Gronkowski 2 DerrickHenrysCleats DerrickHenrysCleats - Bryan Edwards 3 Sexy Sacks Man - Eno benjamin 4 CreamySteelers - Laviska Shenault Jr. 5 IronCocks - Antonio Gibson 6 Little Giants - Van Jefferson 7 Grey Ghost of Gouda @ahoitink 8 Bao Dynasty Warriors Boudewijn 9 Brady's Forte 10 Pack Attack sportsguy21792 11 SouthernSteeler southernSteeler 12 El Iguanodon megamoviejohn
  6. Rd 2 1 Little Giants from Unemployed Sofa King - Justin Jefferson 2 DerrickHenrysCleats - Tee Higgins 3 Sexy Sacks Man - Jalen Hurts 4 CreamySteelers - Jalen Reagor 5 IronCocks - Iron-cock - Denzel Mims 6 Little Giants - predator_05 - Michael Pittman Jr 7 DerrickHenrysCleats - from Grey Ghost of Gouda @DerrickHenrysCleats OTC 8 Bao Dynasty Warriors - 9 Brady's Forte - 10 Pack Attack - 11 SouthernSteeler southernSteeler - 12 Sexy Sacks Man from El Iguanodon
  7. Green is really good. I like green. PS: @Iron-cock you can't receive PMs. how am i supposed to send you crappy trade offers? 🤣 putting this here, so nobody notices.
  8. Looking to trade down. If anyone wants the pick, let me know
  9. You're way too rational for this forum, get out...🤣
  10. Rd 2 1 Little Giants from Unemployed Sofa King - Justin Jefferson 2 DerrickHenrysCleats DerrickHenrysCleats - @DerrickHenrysCleats otc3 Sexy Sacks Man erver5 - 4 CreamySteelers The-Takeover -5 IronCocks Iron-cock - 6 Little Giants predator_05 -7 DerrickHenrysCleats from Grey Ghost of Gouda 8 Bao Dynasty Warriors - 9 Brady's Forte - 10 Pack Attack - 11 SouthernSteeler southernSteeler -12 Sexy Sacks Man from El Iguanodon
  11. Little Giants trades Carson Wentz to Unemployed Sofa Kings for Calvin Ridley and the 2.01
  12. Team Name Rotoworld Name1 Unemployed Sofa King mbs4 - Joe Burrow2 DerrickHenrysCleats DerrickHenrysCleats - Clyde Edwards-Helaire3 Sexy Sacks Man erver5 - Tua Tagovailoa4 CreamySteelers The-Takeover - Jonathan Taylor 5 IronCocks Iron-cock - Justin Herbert 6 Little Giants predator_05 - JK Dobbins 7 Grey Ghost of Gouda ahoitink - @ahoitink8 Bao Dynasty Warriors Boudewijn9 Brady's Forte 10 Pack Attack sportsguy2179211 SouthernSteeler southernSteeler12 El Iguanodon megamoviejohn
  13. 1.06 is available. I'm also willing to trade down for picks 1.07-1.10. If anyone has any offers let me know.
  14. It looks like the correct order.
  15. What, you don't like the view from over here?
  16. You mean, the four stage strategy?
  17. The sheer disrespect for DJ Moore offends me on a personal level
  18. Going to the pro-bowl in one season doesn't prevent you from getting injured in the future. Cobb was famously injury-prone, having missed 2013 and Jordy had an ACL tear in 2015. Lacy's weight was always a concern, and they had no decent back-up (forcing Montgomery to play RB!!). Adams was seen as a bust until he unexpectedly had a good season in 2016, more uncertainty surrounding his future at the time. Remember the playoff game in atlanta 2017, when the whole WR group was banged up? 3 WRs played hurt, including Jordy and adams. You could put it down to bad luck, but those are the situations you try to avoid by acquiring depth. All i'm saying is, a better front office wouldn't have completely ignored offense with those WRs and RBs showing very clear signs of burn-out. So wouldn't have been a bad idea to go WR. There could have been more of an honest effort. In defense of the GB front office, i accept there weren't many quality FAs available. Their options were limited there. Again, its all hindsight analysis at this point, so mostly irrelevant. But it IS 6 years, however you look at it. And I don't mind the Jordan love pick. I just find it odd that they would reach for him in the 1st round (WTF!!!!!) and commit to starting the season with Marquez something-something as a 2nd WR. All within a championship window.
  19. I think you answered your own question: Were they supposed to predict that Lacey would start to suck or Nelson and Cobb would be hit by injuries? Well, yeah...that's kind of what GMs do when they draft. Plan for the future, and predict worst-case scenarios. You can't take anything for granted in the NFL. I know it's easy for me to be critical with the benefit of hindsight, but GB clearly failed to rebuild the offense after many of those offensive players burned out. That's the period i'm referring to. 6 seasons is a long time. I get it, defense was a huge need. But they allowed the offense to stagnate. The other QBs you listed had their ups and downs, but their front offices did a better job of planning for the future. Rodgers is **** out of luck.
  20. I know the discussion is over, but this is something Brady would never do: #PeytonGOAT
  21. By focusing on 1st round guys, you're completely ignoring free agents and early 2nd rd picks. Brees playing with Darren sproles (FA) and jimmy graham. Mike Thomas was an early 2nd rd pick. Brady playing with Randy moss (FA) and Rob gronkowski (early 2nd). They also drafted Shane vereen (early 2nd), Aaron dobson (early 2nd). Stafford inherited an offense with elite WR Calvin johnson, then played with Reggie bush (FA). They also drafted jahvid best (1st round), ameer abdullah (early 2nd), kerryon johnson (early 2nd). Roethlisberger got Holmes (1st round), Mendenhall (1st round), and leveon bell (early 2nd). Wilson inherited an offense with Marshawn lynch, doug baldwin and golden tate, and got Jimmy graham (FA). Its fair to say that all of these teams made an honest effort to draft good offensive players every couple of years. When they weren't drafting offensive players, they made an honest effort to sign good FAs. Moss, sproles and bush did really well. Patriots always tried signing other FAs to help brady, like ochocinco, lloyd to name a few. They didn't work out, but the effort was always there. Let's take a look at GB's 1st, 2nd rd picks and FAs: Rodgers inherited Greg jennings and donald driver, good but not great players who lasted about 2 years into his career. Then you had GB drafting Jordy nelson (early 2nd), Randall cobb (early 2nd), Eddie lacy (early 2nd), Davante adams (early 2nd). It's fair to say that between 2008-2014, the Packers made an honest effort to draft good offensive players. But the problem arises from 2014 onwards. During this 6-season period, the best offensive player drafted by Green bay was AJ dillon, this year. Before him, Ty montgomery in the 3rd. The most notable FA acquisition was...a washed up Jimmy graham. No WRs of note in the 1st, 2nd, or FA. So for 6 seasons, Green bay completely ignored offense and focused almost entirely on defense. NONE of the other QBs you mentioned ever went 6 seasons with such little offensive support, either through the draft or FA. With that said, I think it's a pretty accurate "narrative". It's easy to argue that Green bay wasted 6 years of Aaron rodgers' prime. Think of those playoff games they could have won if they had slightly better offense: Atlanta, Arizona, Seattle.
  22. Its possible that i'm too low on Williams, but time will tell. The scenario you're describing in the context of ADP is 100% on the money when discussing Taylor or Dobbins. In redraft, those guys are mid-round fliers at best, because we know Mack and Ingram are respectable RBs. But those rookies can easily win you a championship if they become starters...
  23. With Becton at LT, O-line actually looks somewhat respectable. They already spent money on off-season signings like McGovern, fant, van roten, so i'd imagine OL is done.