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  1. Don’t let tonight dissuade you from Ridley. Falcons are having an off night. I’d take Ridley
  2. I’d make that move as well. You have outstanding RB depth.
  3. I would probably keep Moshert. RB depth will be more important than ever this year. Thanks for the help with mine
  4. I would say do it, but with Chubb going down, it pretty much kills your depth at RB Can you help with mine?
  5. 10 team, 0.5 PPR. I lost Nick Chubb for an extended period of time and now I’ll be 1-3 after tonight. I was offered Melvin Gordon, Josh Kelley and Deebo Samuel for Miles Sanders and DJ Moore. Should I accept this considering Kelley should be the starter for LA. Is there anything else I can do to improve my team? QB-Matt Stafford RB-Ronald Jones, Miles Sanders WR-Davonte Adams, DJ Moore, Justin Jefferson FL-Mike Davis TE-Hunter Henry K-Mason Crosby DF-Tampa Bay Bench-Cam Newton, Phillip Lindsey, NIck Chubb (IL), Russell Gage, Dallas Goedert (IL), Evan Engram
  6. Thanks for helping with mine. I would go with Robinson. Looks to be locked in as the lead Jags back
  7. I would keep DJ and Stanford. You would be too reliant on some RB situations to break your way. Thanks for helping with mine
  8. I’m currently sitting at the number 2 spot for waiver claims. Would Malcolm Brown or Nyheim Hines be worth burning that spot? It’s a 0.5 PPR league and I currently have Nick Chubb, Chris Carson, Antonio Gibson, James White and Cam Akers as my RB’s