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  1. Best Pick: Woodruff (19th Rd) Worst: Severino (8th Rd), Posey (14th) Best add(s): Lynn, Giolito, Garver, Bichette? Worst drop(s): Danny Santana, E Escobar, Woodruff 🥺 ( These hurt to type out) Best Trade: B Lowe for Wheeler Worst trade- Thankfully all of the trades have worked out so far. Traded Bauer for Soto who hasn't really lit it up lately but Bauer has also been very inconsistent
  2. Last I read was he started a rehab assignment earlier this week and could be back by the weekend
  3. In my league format he is currently a top 10 hitter overall and a top 5 OF. The sb's are definitely a nice bonus so far
  4. I think Fantrax actually had Posey ranked higher- not 100% sure on that though. Haha he's 4 years old. Easier said than done. I actually named my team Brayden's Avengers after him and also because he loves Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, etc
  5. I had to step away from my computer during draft for a few minutes to help my son with something. Somehow I ended up with Posey on auto-draft with Grandal still on the board 🤬
  6. I am also wondering this as well. I have seen him mentioned as a potential sleeper this year on a few sites but looking at his career stats it doesn't look like he has much power or speed.
  7. Yeah anybody that has ever banged their funny bone ( basically where he got hit) on their desk/ night stand knows how much that hurts. Getting hit by a baseball traveling 90+ MPH is probably 100 times worse than that. If he got hit in the a** cheek or meaty part of the leg it would be different
  8. Well with Synnegard getting a 2nd opinion on his finger I guess he is going to stay in the rotation at least for the short term
  9. I think picking 4 QB's up is one thing. Picking them up and then dropping them the next day so they are on waivers ( and nobody can claim them) is another. I know many of the fantasy football leagues I have been in had rules preventing stuff like that
  10. I agree. it is one thing to pick up the best 1B on waivers to try to work out a trade with a desparate team needing a 1B ( if deadline has not passed) but this is way over the top cut-throat stuff. I wouldn't want to be in a league where teams do stuff like that
  11. Update- One of the teams complaining responded with the following when I asked him what position Taylor and Moncada was listed as in his 5 other Fantrax and 3 ESPN leagues. ( After I had posted my apology) "Taylor listed at 3B in all leagues. Moncada listed at 2B in all leagues. So you could see the confusion. Thank you to Joe for getting us all riled up about Taylor !!" Joe is the other owner that was complaining and seems to like to stir up drama
  12. Does anybody own Chris Taylor in a league where he is not listed/ eligible as a 3B All of the default position settings in Fantrax, ESPN, Yahoo and CBS have him listed as eligible at 3B as it was his primary position last season. However one of my fantrax leagues he is only listed at 2B/MI/OF. I think it is a computer glitch and I've been having the discussion in the Commish League Rules thread on the proper way to handle. Curious if anybody has seen Taylor not listed in 3B in their leagues
  13. Ok I took your advice and posted that I apologize if I should have been more transparent and reiterated that I will continue to make corrections to position eligibility for other teams' players as errors are brought to my attention Full disclosure we also have an argument in league because Moncada was originally only listed as 3B but in the last few days Fantrax changed his default position to 2b. The team that has Moncada wants to use him at MI and teams are complaining because he hasn't played 10 games yet. However our league rules state that Fantrax default position will also be accepted and for minor league players they will be eligible at the position that had most games in the minor leagues this season. Again pretty clear as Moncada has played over 80 games at 2B in minors this year. I think teams are getting killed with injuries ( one of the teams complaining just lost Kershaw, Strasburg and Bour) and are now looking for any reason to start a fight or argument
  14. All of the Fantrax Classic Draft leagues with the default position eligibility settings have Chris Taylor listed as 3B and then added eligibility during the season for 2B/OF/MI ( Our league uses same setting). If you drafted Taylor in Fantrax leagues before the season you would have had to draft him as a 3B. I am not sure why our league didn't update this for some reason. Weird errors with Fantrax in the past though in our specific league. I remember one year I think it was Eric Aybar - they had him still listed as a 2B even though he hadn't played a game at 2B for over 2 years