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  1. Ya, I'm aware these are bad options/matchups. But I gotta use one of them. -Chark might be hurt and has a 3rd string qb. qb. -Higgins has backup qb and green n boyd to battle targets with. -fulgham everything mentioned above.. Edit: Chark isnt playing.
  2. Agreed. Wentz might be playing bad, but higgins/chalk prob have the 2 worst qb options on nfl rn
  3. Ya, I'm not saying Chi has a better def than Indy. In a vacuum, Indy def every day of the week. But in a cold weather game in Chi vs a decent def, I could see some issues.. Indy is gonna have no prob at all scoring vs Hou, putting Watson in comeback mode. Plus both Indy games are indoors. I dont think he'll blow up vs Indy, but I think a 30pt game is more likely in either Indy game than @Chi.
  4. PPR, pick 1: Fulgham vs SEA Chark vs CLE Higgins vs NYG Chark/higgins super sticky QB situations (Chark also maybe hurt?). Fulgham, unfortunately also sticky QB play, but this is a blow up spot.. WHIR
  5. If Texans were home vs Chi it wouldnt be scary. But in Chi, that could be tough. Depends on weather that day, I'm assuming it will be cold. Prob more worried about game in Chi than either Indy game. Chi hasn't given up more than 26 pts in any game this year, Indy has given up more than 26 pts 4 times.
  6. Watch fulgham go off Vs that seahawks swiss cheez this wknd. Not saying it will happen, just possible. I have fulgham and have no idea what do w him.