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  1. Looked pretty good. Showed patience, power, and the ability to get up-field quickly. I skipped Brown and Hines and blew 31% FAAB on Snell.
  2. Renfrow had a great rookie season, and he’s not going away. He gets O P E N . I think the Raiders are building a potent offense here. It looks like Edwards and Ruggs can really complement each others’ game. I just loved Edwards’ college tape. He plays hard and fast, so I wasn’t worried about him missing the combine. He also has a breakout age of 17, which is in the 99th percentile!
  3. Lockett was taken one pick before I drafted my first WR. I missed Akers by a few picks in the sixth. I didn’t want to get into a bidding war with a Georgia fan over Todd Gurley, and he went for $30. I ended up getting Josh Jacobs, Hollywood, Dobbins, Hunter Renfrow, Hockenson, and Josh Kelley on both of my teams. I had to reach for Jacobs at 1.03 and $59, I spent way too much on Dobbins ($19), and I felt like I reached on Kelley in the 11th.
  4. For $2 I’d be ecstatic if he ends up RB22 this year. Mack has been consistently undervalued all offseason.
  5. Do we think Brady throws for >5,000 yards like Winston did last season? He's done it twice before in 2011 and 2007, but I'm not confident enough to take Godwin in the second/third. Someone in my draft bought Godwin and Evans both for $44 and $45 on a $200 budget, so I guess some people are confident.
  6. I think drafting Jackson as a QB1 is a mistake.
  7. If Gordon goes to a team with a decent line he’s going to surprise a lot of people who only ever pay attention to box scores. I have no shares yet, but as the season progresses and his owners get more and more desperate he could be a great buy-low.
  8. Uh, so how early did you draft TE? How many of those do you have to start? How does that make any more sense than picking QB early?
  9. The ESPN website seems to have a lot more functionality than the app. From draft recap to private messages, why is the app missing so many features?
  10. I reached on Montgomery at the end of the 2nd in my snake draft and overpaid ($24) for him in my auction. He was my top RB prospect this summer, and his tape during the preseason backed it up. I think he’s going to be an absolute stud playing in Nagy’s offense this season.
  11. I know Shady got a nice offer, but until we see how this plays out over the next few weeks I’m trusting the eye test and holding Thompson.
  12. Axe Elf is clinging to that RG3/Nick Foles mentality.
  13. Oakland's secondary is a huge liability. I'm very tempted to start Davis week one.
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