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  1. I was pretty surprised to see the big green M next to him after getting him in my auction, since he’s certainly one of their five best starters. I imagine with the unusual rules this year, he’ll definitely have a rotation spot to open the year, yeah?
  2. If I had to have a guy hitting 8th somewhere it’d be on the Twins, and I agree that he won’t stay there long if that’s how it shakes out to start the year.
  3. He’s post-hype in that the shine has come off a little, and probably too soon in my opinion. A guy that a top 20 prospect this time last year who is almost guaranteed a high number of AB’s that’s going pretty cheap, even in the keepers that I’m in.
  4. Even better, three more contract years coming up!
  5. Not sure about this season, as they have Kopech as the 6th guy currently. I'd guess that they take it easy with him, and start him out of the pen. In keepers/dynasty I like him a lot after this year, and his price is probably going up every week.
  6. I'm very interested to see what Gray and Marquez do if they don't have to deal with Coors. Could be huge for their future pay days.
  7. Lindor is surprising as well, he's still so young. Could possibly go back to back decades.
  8. He's going too high in drafts lately for what he is. For late steals I'd rather gamble on Dyson, Inciarte, Margot, or Mateo who are all going after him.
  9. Still only 26, and the K% and BB% are headed in the right direction every year he's been in the majors. Last year's babip was the lowest of any level in his career. Threw in nine steals last year which might not be an outlier looking at his sprint speed. Hitting cleanup for STL so there's potential for a 260/30/90/90/5-10SB pace, I love Dejong this year and going forward.
  10. MLB isn't going to do this willy nilly though. There's going to be a ton of safeguards in place, and I highly doubt that any significant amount of players don't show up when they resume. There may be one here and there, but the MLB isn't going to start this up without it being a safe option. In the scenario that @countseth outlined, it may be safer to be at a baseball facility than to be sneaking out for groceries/essentials once in a while.
  11. I'll take my odds guessing what a team will do with an extra few rosters spots, over figuring out when and where baseball will begin.
  12. I've read that they're considering expanding opening day rosters to 29 or 30 for the first month. Who does that affect the most in terms of making opening day rosters? I'd assume mostly relievers, but I could also see a lot of six man rotations to begin the year if spring training 2 is shortened. I'm trying to figure out if this increases the odds of the Howard/Pearson/Gore/McKay type guys making the opening day roster.
  13. @Mdubb23 you're up, @89Topps on deck, @Dark Kn19ht in the hole.