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  1. This is how all leagues should handle it in my opinion, and pretty simple logic to get there.
  2. I've always found NL baseball to be more entertaining to watch. I have a hard time watching the constant NYY-BOS games they put on Sunday night baseball, as the strategical part of baseball seems more watered down in the AL. Unfortunately it seems the NL is slowly trending in that direction as well over the last few years, but I'd much rather watch a lower scoring game where runs are "manufactured" over a HR derby, and lower scoring games seem to be more common in pre-DH NL games. I don't personally have anything against the DH from a baseball purist perspective, as I think guys like Ortiz and Nelly should be first ballot HOF'ers, I just don't want AB's to continue to trend into all or nothing events. I'd prefer the sport move towards a more contact/ball in play geared game rather than who hits more HR's. I've honestly never understood the appeal of HR's actually, if you've seen one, you've seen them all.
  3. He's kind of interesting for next year in deeper leagues. He's not likely to be a big strikeout guy, but an 8 K/9 isn't going to make him useless for fantasy purposes. He had three positive value pitches this year according to fangraphs. The fastball has been the pitch that's held him back in the past(and was horrible last year), but it returned a positive 2.5 this year and being it's around 93mph from the left side at an unusual arm angle it could legitimately be a decent pitch. Pair that with his 2.5 value slider and a 3.8 valued changeup(16th best this year for guys over 40IP) and there may be something here. The last thing he needs to do is get the walks down, and that could easily happen for a guy with 60 potential command. The thing that got me looking into him more was that he was top 10(for pitchers with over 100 BBE) in avg exit velo(7th), LD/FB exit velo(2nd), and barrels per plate appearance(9th) in 2020 per baseballsavant. Limiting hard contact was something he did decently last year as well, but improved a lot this year obviously, and performing well in all of those categories is at least consistent. That data is backed up on fangraphs as he had the 14th lowest hard hit% for guys over 40IP(111 pitchers went over 40IP). If he can get the BB/9 down in the 3 range while keeping the 8 K/9 and allowing some of the softest contact in the league, this could be a sneaky guy to grab for free.
  4. Still think Urias deserves to be in the top 30, but maybe it's just blind faith that there's another level he's so close to hitting. His baseballsavant page is all red other than K's/whiffs. Alcantara, Plesac, and Civale knocking on the door as well. There's going to be so many pitchers to go after in the late rounds next year. Crazy that Marco Gonzales' FB graded out as the best in the league while averaging under 90mph.
  5. Gonna go ahead and take my defeat lap on this one. He hit .300 and started stealing again. Oops
  6. Not too worried about the Y/C, since it's such a small sample. Break loose for one long one and he's well above 4 per carry, and he's currently right around Taylor, Jacobs, and Henry for the year. Obviously the volume is the reason for excitement. 2018 MGIII here we come!!!
  7. So a 3.20ERA, .9 WHIP, and 12.7 K/9, yeah that’ll do.
  8. 10th in SIERRA, 11th in K-BB%, lots of red on baseballsavant, looks good on arsenal scores, 5 pitches with positive values on fangraphs, definitely for real.
  9. Not 100% sure what you’re saying, but higher velo almost always equals more swinging strikes and his location hasn’t been as good lately either. I still like his long term value though.
  10. He's top 20 in xFIP, K-BB%, SIERA among qualified pitchers. All of the most accurate predictive stats for pitchers, so I'd say taking the L on this one is your best option. Hanging onto steamer projections over a smaller sample than what you're writing off as a small sample is ironic.
  11. That's the only fantasy leaning list I've seen that was updated with the FYPD guys. Any others I missed?
  12. As good as he's been, his changeup(which is probably his best pitch) got a 6.4 pitch value from fangraphs last year and sits currently at a -2.2. Once the results start matching the quality of that pitch he could be even better. The rest of his pitches have been working very well so far though, with the FB being 16th best in baseball, and the cutter and curve both being top five. If/when the change gets back to delivering the positive results it should, he'll be in a very small group of pitchers with four plus pitches. Darvish, Beiber, deGrom, Gray, Verlander last year. I'd say he's a top 15 pitcher right now, and wouldn't fault anyone putting him top 10. [...] Edit: To add onto that, looking at each start individually... 1st start @SD- nothing but the curve was working, rough start 2nd start vs LAD- Had the FB and curve but the cutter and change got hit around a bit 3rd start vs HOU- cutter and change looked good, but curve and FB lagged behind 4th start @COL- everything was cooking except the change, which is impressive in Coors last night every pitch returned plus pitch value and OAK is sixth in wRC+ right now, but not against Gallen. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come.
  13. Pretty good article on Mahle below. I'd be lying if I told you I understand what active spin is/does, but him and Cole are the only SP's with 100% so it can't be a bad thing.
  14. That is a pathetic lineup considering what it looked like opening day. I guess the Mets aren't the only team in NY with horrible injury luck.