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  1. Interesting, any data on year 2, 3, etc? Is it a career killer or just a long recovery.
  2. For the sake of the team and the game, find a fair middle ground, cut a check or restructure it, and be done with it. Miggy can't enjoy playing at the level he is for the Tigers who aren't competing, but he's going to keep showing up, at a most likely very unmotivated level, to collect that check. Even if they're just going through the motions, 162 game schedule is a grind. So full salary to get one off day a week for half the year, or a reduced salary to sit on a beach somewhere? I know which one I'm choosing in their shoes.
  3. Oh yeah, Bobby Bonilla day is coming up soon, and until he's like 70 years old. I think Magic signed a similar deal that has ended, and maybe a hockey goalie if I remember correctly.
  4. Guys like Pujols and Miggy should restructure their contracts(still get paid, just not MVP money), announce this year is their farewell tour, and ride off into the HOF. Milking these contracts does no favors for their legacies, and I’m sure the home fans’ patience has to be wearing thin.
  5. I think they usually release that in October.
  6. With his SB's dwindling and being eligible at two very deep positions, he may be more name value than production. He seems like a fringe starter in 12 teamers, and 4th round seems really high for that. SS/3B are very deep. I don't see him hitting more than mid-30's HR's and I don't think Pham boosts his counting stats that much, so he's going to have to hit .300 or start stealing again to be worth his price tag. I'm not betting on either.
  7. He's one of the more difficult guys to rank. In his amazing first half he had corrected his IFFB% that plagued him his entire career(he was a weak pop up king), from his usual double digits-ish down to 2.1%(12th best in the 1st half). On top of that he was murdering the ball, 13th in the league in hard hit and 11th lowest soft contact. That "first half" made up nearly 2/3 of his PA's on the year, so I'm not ready to write him off because 1/3 of his season he struggled. Especially for a guy that was still top 10% in the league in exit velo, hard hit%, xSLG, and xwOBA for whole season. I think he's just a young guy going through the normal ups and downs of figuring his swing out. This year I'm guessing his 1st half isn't as good as last year and his 2nd half is better than the previous. I've got him in the second tier of 1B with Goldy, Abreu, and Rizzo and right now I'd take him above them all.
  8. Regarding Strasburg's perceived injury proneness, I've come around on the theory that all pitchers are injury prone to a degree so I just accept it and don't factor it in my rankings. Now there's a few guys that are scary if they put off a needed surgery or consistently miss time every year(Ryu/Hill), but Strasburg has averaged 187 IP over the last three years(including postseason). He's also not throwing 96/97 anymore, which should be a little easier on the arm.
  9. Didn't intend to make this a debate about strategies for using IL/DL/NA/etc spots, or how different platforms allow their use. Just wanting to list players that won't start the season playing MLB, for whatever reason, that may be useful later in the season.
  10. The Cards have some interesting prospects, Gorman/Liberatore/Carlson most notably. They also have Knizner and I read somewhere that the Rockies want a catcher back for Arenado, of all things. They seem to be in a good position at catcher if they do move Knizner, with Yadi's fountain of youth and Wieters this year and a very young one in A+, Ivan Herrera. I just hope that prospects I like don't go to the prospect graveyard in Colorado.
  11. Sounds a little like Corbin
  12. I'd say he's either 1 or 2, depending on if you want Vaughn's "coming soon" status, or Dominguez's #1 overall player upside way down the road. Assuming you're referring to FYPD's.
  13. His FB and SL were the two best pitches in baseball in the 2nd half, according to fangraphs pitch value.
  14. Rosterresource has Bote starting at 2B, but it's a wild guess at this point. Looking at their lineup, whoever gets the job will probably bat 7th/8th unfortunately.
  15. I wanted to get a list going of players to target as stashes, or who we may want to hold in N/A spots or however your league does it. Guys who will miss some time to start the year. Jameson Taillon Jordon Hicks Corey Knebel Michael Fulmer Carlos Rodon Rich Hill AJ Minter(maybe) Domingo German(suspended) Michael Pineda(suspended) Aaron Hicks Seems like a lackluster group compared to some previous years. Taillon and Rodon are probably the best bets at getting a discount worth taking for keeper leagues.