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  1. Dionte is healthy and ready to go. No reason to think he will not assume his regular role and get 10 targets.
  2. Let's say that Vooch and Booker for Zingers and Beal is pretty even. So getting Roco and Markkanen for Curry who will play 0-20 games seems very good. Nice job.
  3. You might want to update your signature. Mirotic is playing for FC Barcelona this year.
  4. I would try Lillard for Giannis. Lillard will never be worth more than after his 60 point night. Really bad luck having Collins, Ayton and Bagley.
  5. Rudy has not played well so LaVine looks like the better value, and he has been over the first 3 weeks. Rudy will end up the better value for the ROS. You need Rudy. Go get him.
  6. You must be bored to write such a long post I think Lavine is a better fit for your team. You need his volume, 3s, and FT%.
  7. I would do this. LeVert's numbers are borderline waiver in an 8-team league. Reach for the gusto. Maybe there is a breakout here.
  8. I would pick him up for Sato because you have so many guards. But I wouldn't waste your #2 on Jingles. His steals are nice but he is not necessary in a 10-team league Roto.