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  1. If john stockton malone Barkley and pippen all played on the same team vs Jordan he'd never get any accolades.
  2. Anyone worried Kawhi will be like Marion after he left the suns?
  3. You can repeat yourself all you want but that doesn't make true. It's not all luck. How about this. I'll bet you $10k that the 3 of the most durable players in fantasy will play more games than the 3 of the least durable players. Given you don't believe in durability and think it's all luck. I'll take Towns, Joe Ingles, James Harden. You can have Embiid, Jeremy Lin, Anthony davis.
  4. Why do people point to 2-3 stats and point and use that as a justification on how good a player is? There are plenty of 10pt/2pt players that are fantasy gems in the history of the nba and some 20pt players that are worthless. That said, the last pick is for gambling with the goal of getting a player that is top 90 imo. So anyone that doesn't like stifle's pick doesn't understand fantasy. (Though I would have picked someone else...)
  5. This is just so wrong. Players don't go from being injury prone to playing 82 games every season, some players that play 82 games a season go their whole careers without getting injured. It's a combination of playstyle (which is different for everyone), body composition (if some players have a/multiple weak links), mechanics (from how a player lands to how they run) and luck (which is the same for everyone). If you're westbrook and you just drive with reckless abandon (playstyle) but you have great body composition and mechanics then even though he played every game his whole career up to his first 3 seasons he still had injury risk. Whereas someone like John stockton, who plays a vastly different, conservative style gets injured far less and has a ton of 82 game seasons... Also some people can play with extreme pain (kobe) and some players can't.
  6. That's technically false. Imagine if 1 player uses the get good players strategy. Now another player uses the get good player strategy, you're going to be competing for the same good players. Do you see why?
  7. That's true about every strategy...
  8. Because it's also the most overvalued stat in basketball.