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  1. If john stockton malone Barkley and pippen all played on the same team vs Jordan he'd never get any accolades.
  2. Anyone worried Kawhi will be like Marion after he left the suns?
  3. Why do people point to 2-3 stats and point and use that as a justification on how good a player is? There are plenty of 10pt/2pt players that are fantasy gems in the history of the nba and some 20pt players that are worthless. That said, the last pick is for gambling with the goal of getting a player that is top 90 imo. So anyone that doesn't like stifle's pick doesn't understand fantasy. (Though I would have picked someone else...)
  4. That's technically false. Imagine if 1 player uses the get good players strategy. Now another player uses the get good player strategy, you're going to be competing for the same good players. Do you see why?
  5. That's true about every strategy...
  6. Because it's also the most overvalued stat in basketball.
  7. If anyone wants to do a free real league draft for fun, join http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/waitingroom?leagueId=16796057
  8. Im drafting zubac with my last pick in all my leagues.