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  1. Do you have snap count and route run stats handy? Or are you just looking at targets? There are a lot of skill players there but I don't think the coaching staff has intentionally schemed him out.
  2. If they win out they get a bye and a home game so who knows from there.
  3. Initially it looked like Horsted fumbled it forward so GB would have to touch it first. May have gone off a foot and forward though. He should have been looking to lateral much sooner.
  4. No Montgomery in the second half so far, but no injury updates either. Might just be game script.
  5. Have seen a lot of Bears slipping and falling out there but not so much on the GB side. Not sure if that's an equipment issue or what but it's inexcusable in the NFL.
  6. The Athletic just had an article about HaHa saying that he is really focused on tackling this year... He looked like Chris Conte out there.
  7. The call was objectively terrible. I can't speak to the rest of that comment.
  8. Robinson is out there. Just not a lot of room or time so far. Miller just went into the tent as well. Not sure if that is good or bad for Robinson. ETA: Looks like Miller is back out there.
  9. If the Bears interior line is going to keep playing like this it is going to be a long day.
  10. And Blandino just said the same. Should be Bears ball.