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  1. Someone listed Mike Evans as a "consistent" WR. The thread should have been locked at that post. Unless consistently scoring 40 points 1 week and 2 points the next, is what was meant by consistent.
  2. I'm hoping to have Daniel Jones as qb2 on all my teams this year. I don't see the Giants getting any better on D and will need to score to stay in games. He had some dud games but also had some monsters last year. Hopefully D Jones will be laughing at Baker M mid season for his stupid comments last year. I think many of the Giants offensive guys will be good mid-later round values this year. (other then of course SB) Of course he helped me win 2 champ games last year so I may still have a man crush on him.
  3. What is a reddit? Over/Under on amount of leagues that will have some sort of corona affiliated team name. I'm putting the betting line at 90%
  4. Calm down on all the details OP. What positions do you use? IDP? Why only a $5 increase? You could add $$$ from each owner if someone guys undefeated or wins 2 years in a row.
  5. Why are you allowing keepers to be add/dropped etc so late in the season? At the very least you should shut this off when the playoffs start. We stop ours in week 10. It's way too easy for teams out of the playoffs to dump solid players and pick up lottery tickets.
  6. Don't care, still not drafting one of their RB's next year.
  7. IMO you guys are leaving Miles Sanders out. Next year he will most likely be the iggles main RB. I don't see any way he makes it out of the 2nd round. He will be on a playoff team with a good offense. The game script works either way for him. There is no way your going to leave him on the board for C Sutton, Mike Evans or Todd Gurley type players.
  8. I played against Joe Mixon in a few leagues. In a different league, I won by nine points last week, the owner didn't notice DHenry was a scratch for Sunday and took a big fat zero. Dak and A Cooper screwed me in a 2 qb league. I lost in Champ game by 15 points.
  9. Won 3 of 6 leagues. Made it to playoffs in 5 of 6. I learned not to drop late round guys in keeper leagues too early just to grab the flavor of the week. I learned if a team (falcons. detriot) have a crappy running game, dont expect the back up to come in and be any better then the mediocre starter. I also learned that you can pay up for the IDP side of an auction draft and do well(won the league) Normaly I pay big for a Zeke/Barkely Julio etc and pay $1 for D players. This year I decided to have a more balanced team(by cost) and pay up for some idp studs and my D scoring carried me to win it all. I learned to pay attention to late year trends if the coaches do not change. I couldn't wait to get the Packers #2 WR this year figuring it would be gold. I should have seen they went to more of a running team at the end of last year and would only support 1 viable WR this year. I also learned you can make a strong argument to draft your QB after your D and kicker in a 12 team, snake draft, 1 qb league. I reinforced my plan of NEVER drafting a Patriots player. Although I had horrible Michel on 2 teams- so dumb.
  10. I'm shocked he didn't receive much pre-season love this year from "the experts". I get that it was the Redskins but it should have been a little obvious he would be their top wide out. And honestly Case K does fine feeding WR's the ball, especially in PPR. We knew their D wouldn't be very good. I read a lot of rookie WR articles and this guys name rarely came into the discussion of top rookies. Josh Doctson got a ton of hype and ended up not being very good.
  11. I was 1st, 1st, 1st and 4th. I lost one. Won with the 4th and 1st, still have one to be decided tonight.
  12. We need to burn all the WW hero's that came up big the last 2 weeks deep in our minds for next year. Who has 2 thumbs and benched DJ Moore for Perrimen? This guy, and I won by only 6 points.
  13. I am up by 41 points. He has Aaron Jones and Blake Martinez, I have Danielle Hunter(2 pts a tackle, 4 points a sack) Im not feeling "great" about it.
  14. The good news is that even an in his prime Darrel Revis wouldn't stop Winston from just chucking the ball down the field and hope for the best. So Im not sure it matters who the corner is on Perriman, the ball is coming. The best part about Winston is early turnovers which helps the other team get up to an early lead forcing him to pass more often. He is perfect for FF. Hell we'd always start a QB if we knew they would be down 14-0 to start the game.
  15. Well yes, you have to based off of a new QB. We now have a huge ? in what the offense will be able to do. I think it depends on who else you could start over him. I mean you don't start Crowder over him but I'm benching him for Perriman. I went to or watched every one of his college games after he xferred to WVU and love the guy. I'm just not to thrilled to be starting one of his WR's during his first game in the NFL. How'd Mcclarin do the first couple games Haskins started? How'd any WR do the first games Lamar started? It's just a huge unknown. (agreed not the best comparisons at QB but you get the point)