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  1. DJ Chark is easily the most underrated player as of now. See his thread for further analysis.
  2. JuJu had to deal with injuries and Duck Rudolph throwing him the football. This is a dangerous analogy to make as you are attributing JuJu's lack of success entirely to not having AB opposite of him and that is just the tip of the iceberg to the full picture of the variables that conspired against him last season. Had JuJu played with a healthy Big Ben and the 140+ targets he would have received this would not be an analogy at all. Justin Jefferson is no slouch and Kirk Cousins >>>>>>>>Duck Rudolph. Thielen will be fine and nothing about his WR15 ADP says he is being overrated.
  3. Who besides you is talking about him as a WR1? Nobody is explicitly stating they are taking him is their WR1 they are saying he is being slept on and has that kind of upside. The numbers he was putting up the 4 weeks leading up to his injury were exactly on par/pace with the numbers he was putting up the rest of the season--with the exception of a bit worse luck in the TD department, there is no discernible difference. He had his highest target game in week 11 and his 4th highest in week 14. Again, there is no validity to your argument that his numbers had been dropping for more than a month before his injury. He averaged 16.1 PPG the 4 games before his injury. You are spreading misinformation.
  4. Numbers had been dropping for more than a month before he got hurt??? What are you talking about? He had been balling on the same trajectory until week 15 (when he was hurt). This is misinfo my man.
  5. Yea it's crazy to me how slept on his is right now. The situation hasn't changed at all with the exception of them drafting Shenault (who I'm not a big fan of and don't anticipate being much of a factor this year). I feel like most players that had a year 2 breakout like his would be getting way more hype. He's one of the most athletically gifted receivers in the league, will be playing on a team that will have favorable game flow most games and has a gun slinging QB that loved to target him. He'll be on a lot of my teams this year.
  6. Yea this doesn't move the needle for me. Hyde will prob have a lesser role then what a healthy Penny would.
  7. I agree that they would make fine late round dart throws but disagree that they would provide regular RB2 value. Carson is expected to be ready week 1. Once Penny comes back the backfield would become more convoluted.
  8. What makes you think they would be top 24 in Seattle? Do you anticipate Carson, Penny and Dallas being total afterthought?
  9. Says the guy with the picture of the shredded athlete in his handle. Reminds me of a story I heard about a black pot and a kettle...
  11. Buy Buy Buy. You will get a low-end RB1, high end RB2 for the first half of the season. Grab KeShawn Vaughn later and you will have a high-end RB2 for the second half of the season once he takes the reigns for RoJo.
  12. Yea I think people are way too concerned with how Dobbins affects Ingram when it makes more sense that Dobbins workload will come at the expense of Edwards and Hill since Ingram is clearly a superior talent. I still expect him to be a low-end RB2 at worst.
  13. No interest in him as anything more than a waiver streamer. Way too many mouths to feed in that offense regardless of it being high volume. Will be impossible to predict the weeks that he has good games. I'd much rather have Jonnu or Doyle if I'm targeting a late round TE.
  14. Yes, his outlook is good because Bill B thinks he's special and Bill B is one of the best player evaluators in the league. I just saved you two pages of a sludge fest.
  15. Yea I don't see how it is not absolutely clear to people that the Bucs drafted Vaughn for a reason. He is going to soak up Barber's touches but will see significantly more work in the passing game. I think people like his upside because Jones has already had so many issues during his time in Tampa and it is clear there is a path for Vaughn to become the majority leader of the backfield. It's silly to dismiss either player as they will both have significant roles. Like I said, if you play in a PPR league target Vaughn, if you play in standard target RoJo, it's pretty simple.