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  1. If Coleman doesn't play this week, McKinnon is worth a flex play in a game that profiles to be high scoring. After that he is droppable. Also, droppable if Coleman somehow suits up this week.
  2. I'm here to say that I started this forum and I hope you all listened. Congrats if you did.
  3. I'm here to say that I was talking up Diggs in this at the beginning of this forum and I hope you all listened.
  4. LOL I cannot believe all the people in here talking about cutting him. He will be immediately picked up if you do and has league winning upside. Foolish. Good luck dropping him for JD McKissick.
  5. The team is only going to play him if they think he's 100% ready for action, that's why they put him on IR in the first place. If he's ready they'll play him.
  6. I think Ingram is a fine mid-low end RB2 this year. He's underrated every year and always produces. He's gonna have plenty of TD opportunities in that offense.
  7. Can't wait for Deebo to be back
  8. Are we seriously talking about whether Lindsay is rosterable in a season with so many injuries? He was in a 50/50 timeshare before he got hurt and if Gordon gets hurt we know that Lindsay is an RB2. The dude has back to back 1,000 yard seasons to begin his career, he should be rostered.
  9. It's really this simple: if you need a locked in starter for the next 4-6 weeks prioritize Davis, if you are interested in someone that can provide great value this week and possibly next, as well as the potential to be a season long flex play, go after Jet.
  10. I'm confused, I thought this was the Ronald Jones forum but apparently it's the rate my fantasy league forum.
  11. Ronald Jones is the type of player that never delivers when you think he should and does well a handful of times on when he's sitting on your bench. It's a mortal lock that he'll disappoint right when everyone is excited to start him.
  12. Uhhh he had 303 carries last season. I think they have no problem riding him every single week. Also, the Ravens have a higher implied team point total than the Titans.
  13. Yea, I just worry that it's going to be a game where Derrick Henry runs all over them and there's very low passing volume. I'm leaning Ingram right now b/c there will be more points scored and I think he's in a bounce back spot. I don't expect him to be as productive as last season but I also think last week was an aberration. Pretty wild that it's a close call between the two though.
  14. Starting him with reasonable confidence this week. Houston rush D is god awful and you want pieces of this team this week. I don't believe that Dobbins is the exclusive goal line back and I expect this team to have plenty of rushing volume to go around in more competitive games. Obviously Ingram will be much less consistent this year but I'm not going to write off him still being able to have a productive season. He's looked great last year, is a respected veteran and beloved by his teammates and coaches. There is no chance that his is an afterthought all season.