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  1. I'm starting him. I think the matchup is actually pretty good with the eagles lacking weapons. He's been nothing special, but efficient is a good way to put it. It'd be nice to see him catch a TD. He hasn't had one in a while.
  2. I feel like this is spot on. I felt a huge sigh of relief when he got those two TD's. The problem with his 92% snap rate is that they were down 21 at the half so of course he played a ton. Yet, he first caught a ball in what, the 3rd quarter? I could be completely wrong, but he doesn't pass the eye test. I wish I felt safe starting him, but I don't.
  3. Boone for sure if Cook/Mattison are out. Otherwise, I'd go McLaurin.
  4. I think you have to ride Winston here. I also would go with Moore. I just don't think Washington is guaranteed to get the same workload as Jacobs.
  5. I think Sanders is a must start here. I lean Boone over Singletary if we know for sure Cook/Mattison is out. The Vikings love to run and they will test the Packers run D.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about Everett. Since McVay changed personnel, he has gone with Higbee as a primary blocker and yet Goff has targeted him a ton. SF has a great pass run DL and McVay will not use Everett if they can't protect Goff. Go with Higbee.
  7. I'd start Gordon with Boone a close second. Gordon's matchup against OAK's run defense is too good to pass up, imo.
  8. Tough one. I would lean Mostert because it's hard to feel good with Singletary's matchup. I also think Mostert has more upside. The one thing I hate about Singletary is that he never seems to get GL opportunities with Allen. Thanks for the help.
  9. Play Henry and don't look back. Fuller over Perriman? Now that's debatable for me.
  10. ARZ can't stop the run and SEA will probably be run heavy. I'd still lean Higbee as Goff is peppering him with targets even with the tough matchup.
  11. AP-workload is there and GL carries too. Singletary would be better play if not playing NE.
  12. Landry-assuming game script targets should be there Miller-ride the hot hand Gallup-Eagles secondary terrible
  13. I too would go with the hot hand and ride Miller. It's not like Edelman has a great matchup either.
  14. I have the exact same dilemma and I'm going Dak. The Eagles are stout against the run (I know Zeke ran over them the first time, but their secondary is terrible). Plus, I never know what Saints defense we will get for Tanny. As long as Dak is active, he's in my lineup. Thoughts?
  15. I am starting Michael Thomas and Devante Parker, but I need help with my flex. 0.5 PPR, WHIR!