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  1. I assume by "this" you mean the universal DH? Not exactly hot ticket names anymore, but I would add potentially Howie Kendrick, Hunter Pence, Buster Posey. Since most of what I listen to is Bay Area radio, they did also mention it could benefit Alex Dickerson as he tends to have trouble staying healthy.
  2. Saw that this will be NY, NJ, and Connecticut. I know you put etc, but just also included in that list will be theaters and restaurants (except for delivery and take-out).
  3. PGA Tour TV ratings this week/weekend gonna be like:
  4. I don't think the argument was safe as much as "safer" than an indoor, enclosed setting.
  5. I honestly can't say I have any personal prediction. I just Googled it, and RotoChamp has: Lindor, Mercado, Santana, JoRam, Reyes, Hernandez, Domingo, Perez, DeShields. That's the only reason I included Reyes and Domingo in the 5-9.
  6. I don't think Reyes and Domingo are bad bats in that 5-9 section.
  7. Last time I checked this is 2020. He was making a prediction on this season.
  8. Well he prefaced it with "I think," so he does have a right to his opinion.
  9. This won't really affect MLB, but just showing what areas of California are beginning to do (sort of piggy-backing on Sidearmer's above post).
  10. Or mid-MEH2? (May as well....get it??
  11. Awesome thanks. I live in the Central Valley but I will definitely check them out if I am down that way.
  12. Props to Blind Pig - I actually think I like that even more than Elder.