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  1. It was because no one wastes RB talent like the Detroit Lions. Swift and his agent should have pulled an Eli the second he was drafted.
  2. I suppose there’s still time for Fitzmagic to win MVP.
  3. So.. Is this a good time to review this poll? 😂
  4. Same price for each. Just trying to figure out who the best player will be for the next 3+ years.
  5. Who is the better dynasty prospect at this point? I have a team of young high-upside dudes, but I’m also likely a playoff team. My WRs include Amari Cooper, Christian Kirk, Preston Williams and Mike Williams. I’m about to make a trade to improve these options.. just not sure which is the best one. I like OBJ but his career trajectory is on the decline. N’Keal Harry has some untapped upside, but is far from a sure thing. Whoever I take would be on my team for the next 3+ years. Who would you recommend?
  6. Dude... I responded and sent you a text. What is up? Is this a scam or something??
  7. Sign me up! Sounds like fun.. send me a DM with more details... link to league, rosters, etc. Thanks!
  8. Never bet against ADP! Looks like he’s a good bet for another 20+ carries a game and easily 1000+ yards and about 8TDs.
  9. Absolutely.. this is getting ridiculous. This is the perfect time to sell-high on CEH..... There are so many unknowns to this situation and people are already calling him a RB1. If that's the case, you should be able to flip him for Cook, Henry or Kamara which are much more stable options. A rookie with very little practice time in the preseason, is probably NOT going to be a 3-down back in week 1. Best case scenario is that he gets 8-10 carries/game while guys like Darwin Thompson and Daryl Williams share the rest. Worst case scenario is they sign Devonta Freeman, and CEH has a minimal role until he gains more experience.
  10. If that's the case... Let's assume Adams gets about 1400 yards. Funchess gets ~500... How do you see the roughly 2000 yards shaking out?
  11. Assuming Funchess is at 100%, what are the expectations here? Lazard was resigned on a 1-yr deal for about 1/4 of what they paid for Funchess. Kumerow, MVS, St. Brown haven't really proven to be consistently effective. Marcedes Lewis is at the top of the TE depth chart.... If Rodgers is throwing for 4000+ and 25+ TDs, who is he throwing them to?
  12. This is a dynasty league -- which makes it a bit more interesting. I have Sanders, though I believe he's a bit overrated at the moment and it could be a good 'sell-high' situation. I'm wary of the Detroit backfield -- they haven't had a 1000 yard rusher since Reggie Bush. But there's a lot of draft capital invested in both Kerryon and Swift, and it's hard to see one of them not emerging into a feature role. I can also see a path where Kerryon goes to a more competent team once his rookie contract is up, which would give me a 2-for-1 deal on this trade. Thoughts?
  13. We have been inundated with the drama surrounding him for quite a while. But when it comes down to it, there are a few important things to consider. 1. Media loves to report on drama, because it gives them ratings. Ratings = money. We all think we know AB personally because everything controversial or illegal has been front page news for the past year. Even if the accusations, media reports and broad speculation are 100% true, he still has friends in the NFL. He has people in his corner, regardless of how ridiculous the last year of his life has been. It's also apparent he has enough high-profile friends that they may be able to influence front office decisions to land him another chance. 2. He's a hall-of-fame talent. Even at 31yrs old, he is still better than just about any WR in the league. Those skills don't just evaporate from a couple years off. Assuming he's 100% physically healthy and in football shape, he's an instant upgrade to any passing game. Will he post the same numbers he did in Pittsburgh? It depends on a couple factors. Who's throwing him the ball? How quickly can he prove himself and climb up the depth chart? 3. He still wants to play. If he didn't, he'd stay retired. Sure, we don't know what his motivation is (just like every other player). Is it the attention? Money? Proving people wrong? Maybe all of the above. But if he can get his act together and stay motivated for the next 4-5 years, he'll be back to WR1 status before long. I think in 5 years from now, we'll all look back at the ridiculousness as just a bump in the road of a hall-of-fame career. Meanwhile, if anyone needs a potential WR1 for the 2nd half of their season, the price of AB is as low as it's gonna get right now.
  14. Slightly different skill sets. Sort of like Hayden Hurst vs. Mark Andrews. Both are capable pass catchers, similar size, but Asiasi has the speed and athleticism to be featured more in the passing game, and more experience. Not that Keene can't or won't be involved also, but most seem to confer that Keene will have more of a blocking role. Lacosse has shown to be a near-zero in the passing game. Lee and Meyers may not even make the final roster. Unless Antonio Brown re-signs here, someone is going to have to catch the ball. If that guy is Asiasi, he's sure to be worth a late-round investment, especially considering the question marks of TE's beyond the top 4-5 picks.