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  1. Singlehandedly winning the week for owners across the world.
  2. Wouldn't you need sustained first round production, at least, for fantasy HOF? Or are we just naming any names in the past that were relevant? Some of the names listed above have me puzzled. Shawn Marion, AK47, Camby are easy. Sustained first round excellence for much of their prime.
  3. Ranadive has been emotionally labile since he bought the team. With that being said, I'm out on Walton. He completely lost control of the Lakers last year. This years version of the Kings are worse than last years version under Dave Joeger (even with an arguably more talented and experienced roster). I just haven't seen anything from him that indicates he can coach a team to an above .500 record unless you gift him with 3 of the top 10 players in the league. The way they've managed and released information on Bagley's injury makes me iffy on what is really going on with Holmes. If this is a real labrum tear, Holmes never had a chance to come back within 2-3 weeks. From a medical standpoint, that doesn't make any sense. At minimum, he's looking at 2 months from when the tear occurred for it to heal and Holmes regain strength again. The pain and discomfort will remain, but if he properly rests and receives appropriate treatment, he should end up at a point where its good enough to play and it's up him to figure out how much he's comfortable dealing with once the labrum reattaches itself. Bottom line, this team is so bad, it's going to be a risk for owners holding him. For those in deep leagues (16-20), we really don't have a choice as they're are no options on the waiver pool that come close to his production. Just cross out fingers and hope he comes back.
  4. Fellas, He's a dynasty stash. He's on a title contending team that is way too deep with talented players w/ way more experience. This isn't his year. Don't do this. Just let it go.
  5. I'm usually right there with you w/ statements like this. But it is pertinent to point out that he's 8/17 in the past two games at the ft line which is enough to tank ft %'s. And part of the reason he is a #1 player is the volume and %'s of his fts. Not to say that he won't return to the mean, because he will, but for managers in h2h leagues that depend on his ft anchoring, he's killing us at the moment.
  6. Ok. Anything to assuage your original post, I suppose. It wasn't his greatest game.
  7. Patience is beautiful. Buy low window is done.
  8. He's not a sell high. Contract seeking Hassan Whiteside is a top 3 center in the league. We've seen this story before. You ride this out for the entire season and let someone else deal with him after he gets a new contract.
  9. You again Just came off a 29 point game. Ranked 97th in 9 cat leagues in the last month, 84th in the past two weeks. He's a hold in standard to deep leagues. Not even a question. He starts on one of the more potent offensive teams in the league. Usually, players that are fringe top 100, have volatile game logs. That's part of why they're ranked in the 90's to 100s. But they still need to be owned. It'd be better for thread cluster, at the very least, to wait to see if he went several consecutive games with bad production before erupting, instead of erupting every time he has a bad game.
  10. What these forums have morphed into. Emotionally labile and premature posts. After a certain amount of posts, we should probably be at a point where waiting for the game to end before the bashing is always the smart approach. He's killing his ADP and finished with 18pts 10rebs, asts, and a block.
  11. I'm assuming dynasty, for his sake and reputation..
  12. I don't care about the droughts. The opportunity, minutes, role, and potential is enough to warrant him a strong hold in standard leagues.