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  1. Do you think you'll be able to draft some pitching because I don't think any of you're starters are worth keeping. Maybe Montas but that's it. If you comfortable not keeping any pitchers... Bregman Alonso Chapman Soler Bichette Contreras Aquino Hiura Thanks for helping on mine
  2. Eloy has much higher ceiling and could rake for years to come in that white Sox lineup.
  3. Definitely Giolito for me. Higher ceiling and white Sox should be a contender soon
  4. I won our 10-team league last year and as a result have some really tough keeper decisions to make. I can keep any 10 of the following J.T Realmuto, Will Smith Matt Olson, Cody Bellinger Yoan Moncada, Eduardo Escobar Carlos Correa, Javier Baez Anthony Rendon, Josh Donaldson George Springer, Marcell Ozuna Andrew Benintendi, Michael Brantley Yasiel Puig Walker Buehler, Shane Bieber Hyun-Jin Ryu, Aaron Nola Sean Manaea, Carlos Carassco Edwin Diaz Our format is basic points system, hits, runs rbi, homers, steals, wins strikeouts, quality starts, saves and holds. Any thoughts or help is appreciated thanks.
  5. In our keeper baseball league we can only keep 5 player leaving mekn a tough spot as I'm going to lose some top no matter what I do. Our format it weekly head to head with scoring categories HR, R, RBI, SB, K, AVG, OPS for hitters and W, L, K, ERA, WHIP, QS and SV+H for pitchers. Which of these 5 would you keep.... Andrew Benintendi Javier Baez Alex Bregman Corey Seager JT Realmuto Christian Yelich Gerrit Cole Aaron Nola Noah Syndegaard Robbie Ray I've haven't included my full roster because beyond the guys above no one else is worth keeping Any thoughts are appreciated thanks.
  6. If you're going for wins I'd go Maeda, Buehler or Price. Hill can't seem to healthy and had been erratic this season when he has pitched. Buehler's back from DL tonight, hopefully to stay this time, so may want to see how he does before deciding
  7. I'd go Winker too. More upside there and with Cincinnati not contending this year more chance he'll see playing time when compared to Williams
  8. With Syndegaard coming back I need to drop someone to take him off the DL. I most likely drop a pitcher as I also have Cespedes coming back soon and will be dropping a hitter when that happens. Here's my pitchers - and I've thrown in my hitters at the end for full disclosure on my line up Pitchers: SP - Syndergaard, Robbie Ray, Aaron Nola, Gerrit Cole, Chris Archer, Steven Matz, Andrew Heaney, Zack Wheeler, Jon Gray RP - Corey Knebel, Kelvin Herrera, Matt Barnes, Bud Norris Hitters: C: JT Realmuto 1B: Eric Hosmer, Jose Martinez 2B: Javier Baez SS: Tim Anderson, Corey Seager (DL) 3B: Alex Bregman OF: Christian Yelich, Andrew Benintendi, Gregory Polanco, Adam Eaton, Cespedes (DL) UTIL: Yoan Moncada One thing to note, in this league it's head-to-head and Save+Holds is a category giving them the same value so I'd like to keep all of my RPs. Also it's a keeper league which is why I still have Seager on my roster, which really ****** up my INF at the time he went down. Jon Gray stands out as a drop because he's at AAA, but I don't want to drop him and have him get called up a week or two later and start striking out a ton of guys on someone else's roster. After that the candidates appear to be Wheeler, Matz and Heaney. Despite him turning in a few good starts lately I'm thinking Wheeler is the one to go with. Any thoughts are welcome. Also when Cespedes comes back I'm thinking maybe dropping Hosmer as he's been s---, but that leaves me with only Martinez at 1B. Although I have heard the Mets may play Cespedes at 1B some when he returns Thanks!