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  1. He was dropped like crazy, should be available in a lot of leagues if you still need a player for the finale.
  2. Starting him over Cupp. Hope it's the right call, he has put up decent numbers even when not scoring a TD.
  3. Showing a “steady rain” in the forecast, not sure how that will play out. Are y’all going to play him regardless?
  4. I've had Mattison since week 2 (and also own Cook), so we'll see. But yes, I've had to pass on a few players throughout the season to keep from dropping him.
  5. Currently have Wentz slotted as my starter b/c of MNF at home against a Giants team that should make it competitive enough to keep throwing. Is that the safest play of these 3 qb's?
  6. Any concerns here since David Blough is starting at qb tomorrow for the Lions?
  7. Yes he's in the protocol. This close to the playoffs, these concussion injuries seem to keep guys out 3 weeks or more, so it's going to be hard to keep him rostered unless we hear something more positive in a day or so. He's been steady production though, can't complain about that.
  8. 8/112/1 line last week. Is he getting more work or still just a handcuff?
  9. I feel like he’s droppable at this point if you can snag someone like Tannehill or Foles.