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  1. Well he just blew up my chances of cashing're kinda right.
  2. Russell Wilson is sapping my will to live. Happy holidays y'all.
  3. Me: Dude, at 2:30 you said I was 95% to win this week! WTF? Yahoo Projected Points: Yeeeeah, about that.....ummmmm.....
  4. Lawdamercy one day I want to play in a league like y'all play in where a Saric is ever sitting out on the WW....
  5. Ok let's get a thread going on this guy. Possibly the Pelly's new starting 4, actually plays D and can hit the 3. Let's see if he sticks in the rotation.
  6. Next Halloween I'ma carve "LOAD MANAGEMENT" into my Jack O Lantern.
  7. As a Waller and Williams owner WHO THE FRYING PAN IS A. INGOLD
  8. So today's line was, uh, not encouraging....?
  9. Starting tonight. Minutes limit lifted? Let's GOOOOOOO.
  10. Does it really even count as Sunday if you don't lose at least 2 categories you've had a lock on since Monday?
  11. Woke up expecting the forums to be ablaze with the Kaminsky vs. Baynes steel cage match but it's pretty quiet. Anyway, I had choice and picked up Frank the Tank. Needed boards more than any other stat. Prolly did it wrong. We shall see.
  12. Benching with confidence. So, here comes the horror of course.
  13. Nice job not going for 2. Being down one point is a huge difference from being down two.
  14. Started Agholor. My neighbors are welcome to keep my laptop after they fish it out of their pool.
  15. I'll check his astrological forecast. Anyone know what sign he is?
  16. "I'm excited going into this season knowing that I am going to get to be the No. 1 and I’ll get all of the looks"
  17. I wonder what month it'll be when Meyers kicks his first FG....
  18. Nah Reid has always been more of a "run out the clock when we're down 2 and out of FG range with 2 time outs" kinda guy.
  19. As they say in the stock market: Buy high, sell low, repeat until broke.
  20. Literally you. "By December I think he will have 7-10 TDs easy, barring injury. Maybe he has some miraculous fountain of youth and does more, but at the very leasty he will be flexy. Book it."
  21. I'd happily bet you up to $100 he's under 7 TDs on December 1. Injury to either DW or Shady voids the bet. You in?