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  1. I would start Diggs in ppr. Thanks for mine and good luck.
  2. I am up by 3 points currently and he has nobody left. Should I play Jones with the risk of possibly fumbling the ball twice? I’m thinking just play him but wanted to see if anyone thinks I shouldn’t. WHIR Thanks.
  3. I would start Parker over Lockett. Thanks for mine.
  4. Lindsay. Thanks for mine and good luck!
  5. Cook out and now Mattison expected to be out. Should I stick with Sanders or start Boone? Half ppr WHIR Thanks! Sanders vs DAL Boone vs GB
  6. I would start Chubb even with the tougher matchup. Thanks for mine
  7. Singletary and Washington. Thanks for mine
  8. Half ppr Should I start Perriman Vs HOU today or DJ Moore at Indy? Doesn’t seem like it’s going to rain in Tampa, just 25 mph wind gusts. at Flex should I start M Sanders Or risk waiting til Monday for M Boone if Cook or Mattison both not ruled out before Eagles game? I also have J Myers vs ARI in at Kicker. Stick with him or start Koo vs JAX? WHIR Thanks!
  9. Sanders and Boone if Cook/Mattison out