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  1. nikola vucevic. & i second shawn marion. probably the only non HOF who has been a #1 overall fantasy player.
  2. idk if ive ever seen a 5 pt on horrible shooting line be so good. i feel like we aren't talking enough about him.
  3. #29 over the past 2 weeks. #39 over the past month. Just a matter of playing time imo.
  4. bum? i swear it's like some of you all don't even watch basketball.
  5. i guess everyone is used to these monster lines now.
  6. where are we at fellas, especially with the clarke news.
  7. still waiting on ESPN to give him PG eligibility.
  8. anyone hear about the derozan & LMA to miami rumors?
  9. https://www.basketball-reference.com/friv/mvp.html look who joined the MVP race.