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  1. Lots of typical FF overreaction to me. Which means Carson will be the lead back Monday. Not saying Penny shouldn’t be owned. I do. But it’ll take a Carson injury for Penny to be startable IMO.
  2. Thanks for the help on mine. If Jones plays, I play him.
  3. I think you are good as is. Gallup over Singletary would be an option, but it’s close enough to me to go with your first instinct. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/26-assistant-coach-help-forum/?do=add
  4. Carson vs Minny Montgomery vs Lions D. Williams vs Oakland (if Damien sits) Jamaal Williams vs Giants
  5. It’s between him and Carson for me. Two guys I thought would be solid by now. I love the Lions match up. And still like Montgomery. My hope is the Bears points the ball against them.
  6. Weird how little people talk about him. I’m guessing it’s because his QB situation is garbage. But the volume is there and he’s not some slow guy. He has the speed to break one.
  7. Well, let’s see an 80 yard TD. Then he can rest.
  8. Dude is criminally underrated. No way I’d trade him for OBJ. But yet people keep ranking OBJ higher. Top 20 ROS
  9. The situation is terrible for the Steelers. But in a larger PPR league, he could be startable.
  10. I don’t have any Steelers RBs so haven’t paid much attention to this drama but may have an opportunity to get Samuels, so here I am. It seems to me, this situation looks great for Samuels. The fact that he isn’t a traditional RB is a good thing with a crappy QB, hurt WRs, and Connor’s health being up in the air. I’m in PPR, so there’s that, but give this guy can get enough targets and carries targets each game to put up start-able numbers. Maybe I’m trying to convince myself of that because I may end up with him, but I don’t view the Steelers crappy situation with QB or WRs as such a bad thing for someone like Samuels.
  11. Agree. Seems like he has had an ankle issue for two months. But no practice at all isn’t good. But we will see.
  12. If he’s active, I’m playing him. I expect the Ravens will have to throw it more this week. But a DNP is certainly concerning. Hope it’s a rest day. We will see.
  13. Such a great schedule going forward. Come on Nagy. He showed what he can do. Ride him.
  14. Given the bye is next week, makes sense to get him to 100%.
  15. If winning games is important, yes, Allen is better.