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  1. They dial up enough short passes to him too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it either but I can’t bench him.
  2. Have you seen any data that suggests how much snow limits production? Serious question. I remember a heavy snow game several years ago between Philly and Detroit. McCoy had a huge game for me and was making people miss all over the place. He also had a long TD run. Joique Bell also scored for me. I’m starting Tyreek over Deebo, for what it’s worth.
  3. He will be taking short passes to the house as defenders fall
  4. I’d stick with it. Mild concern over Kupp since Rams I’m the road, but my other choice would be Sanders, and I think Howard is back this week.
  5. Close, but I like Mostert. Has been on fire lately and basically was named the lead back. I don’t like Thursday games if there is another good option.
  6. Would you change anything here? PPRHopkins @ TenTyreek vs DenDeebo vs AtlKamara vs IndGordon vs MinHenry vs MinEkeler vs MinPit vs BufBench: Parker @ NYGMcLaurin vs Phi Montgomery @ GBLataviusDoyle @ NOSF vs AtlFacing Dak, Thomas, Jarvis, DJ Moore, Zeke, Fournette, Hooper, Carson, Myers, Buffalo
  7. i guess if you have nice lead, and think Jacobs could get knocked out via injury, Penny is a decent play. If Jacobs is active, I’d probably still start him.
  8. Do I risk sitting Henry @ Jax for Doyle @ TB? Thinking Doyle might get more targets and has better matchup on paper. also starting Gordon and Ekeler, so I am thinking of diversifying a bit too. leave a link
  9. Well, I’ll take that SF D. A stat correction wouldn’t overturn that either, would it? They won’t change the final score...