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  1. The federal and state system is working as intended. Comparisons to countries with socialized healthcare and a fraction of our population don't really translate. If you don't want to blame individual governors for their particularly bad situations and would rather run it up the chain, so be it.
  2. the same Johns Hopkins board as that poor Florida 'architect' who got canned. probably just fluctuating numbers. that said, Cuomo certainly doesn't deserve any more direct blame as any other individual. this is just the nature of a system that is not designed to handle stuff like this at all.
  3. it's 70%, don't try to church it up. NY state has 29,031 deaths to the rest of the country's 67,015 positive cases are declining in the majority of states by now, and rising in only a few
  5. reading it right now, all emphasis mine. good stuff, thanks for sharing 14.3 > 6.1
  6. oh great, more projections. because those have never been wrong spoiler alert: most of those restrictions are still in place, regardless of state or "reopened" status
  7. staying at home is all you can do. if enough people feel the same way as you, they will stay at home and thereby lessen the spread. maybe stop being less concerned with what everyone else is doing and concentrating on what you can control. you guys come in here and crap on Florida for some completely fabricated BS story when PA has way worse numbers anyway. maybe if and when FL tops your own states numbers you can start a petition to tell other people what to do
  8. NFL insider Adam Caplan reports the Seahawks made an offer to free agent RB Devonta Freeman. Per Caplan, Seattle reportedly extended the offer because "they don't think Rashaad Penny will be ready for Week 1." Freeman meanwhile is holding out for more than what was initially offered. The team has already confirmed that Penny (ACL) will likely begin the year on PUP, but only veteran Marshawn Lynch had been linked to the Seahawks as a fill-in to this point. The big winner here remains Chris Carson, who will inevitably open the season with either fourth-round rookie DeeJay Dallas or a shaky-knees veteran as his sole competition. RELATED: Seattle Seahawks SOURCE: Joe Dolan on Twitter May 20, 2020, 4:11 PM ET
  9. Monkeys infected with COVID-19 develop immunity in studies, a positive sign for vaccines
  10. it's all about that money. Cam can say he will play backup as much as he wants, but going from $16mm to 1 or less will take some time and/or opportunity to present itself. Right now there's no big need for a starting QB, and it may be in his own financial interest to wait this one out for awhile, especially so given all the other COVID-19 stuff that the league is still trying to figure out
  11. it's May so there's like zero actual people on there doing anything, just the normal scripts/bots