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  1. Can u name 11 other backs you rather have? I cant
  2. Planning on taking him at 2/3 turn over Kupp and Mike Evan's. (Assuming both Golladay and Godwin are gone) The footballers jason who seems very knowledge pointed out he was WR overall once his snap count went to 85% after the buy
  3. Coach just said he will have a significant role. This guy might be 700 rushing, 400 receiving and 6 tds. If Ingram goes does he could be a league winner
  4. Top 5 in rushing yards for sure taking him at 2/3 turn. High stakes $8k per team. To me it looks likes Terrell Davis when they sweep or pitch McKinnon and Coleman lol. TRUST YOUR EYES
  5. Not to say their word is gospel but footballguys has the following projections for my league scoring system Golladay 210 points Evans 207 Cooper 208 VS Terry Mc=193 DK Met= 193 Chark=188 The difference is 1-2 points a week on average. All of these guys mentioned can single handedly win you weeks. Maybe Golladay might be worth it because he has 140 target 1400 yard upside and is the clear #1 on the team. Evans and Cooper are no different than the next tier IMO
  6. Some sites have Mostert ADP at 50. Im not willing to gamble he makes it to pick 48. To me he is clearly the best back after the Aaron Jones, Ekeler tier Also, I like Terry Mc, Chark, Lockett as much as Evans, Golladay, amari In my my there is not more that 1/2pts per week difference between them. I'd rather lock up Mostert and pick from the Chark/Terry WR tier at 4/5
  7. Another, thing, I see 14 carries a week as his floor. The upside scenario is 16 carries per week, 256 carries and he runs for 1400 yards and 12td Does anyone else see this possibility? Where he takes a 65/35 carry share?
  8. I am struggling with the 2/3 turn pick 24/25 Just not a great spot to pick a WR when I like guys at the 4/5 turn just as much In a shared backfield in 2017 Freeman had 196 carries I project mostert for 14 carries per week that's 224 carries. 5 ypc is 1140 rushing throw in 400 receiving and hes at 1540 total yards 10 tds 30 receptions 400 receiving yards That's an rb11 finish in 2019 ahead of joe Mixon and carson. Most importantly he passes the eye test Screw Adp and take the guy I like?
  9. Quote today said he will get 15 to 25 touches per game. Even with poor efficiency he is a good bet for double digits td's I think he has some upside relative to 3rd/4th round ADP
  10. I have put a lot of thought into this I have the #1 pick At the 2/3 turn my doomsday scenario is Kittle and Lamar Jackson they mathematically have to be there if Josh Jacob's, ekeler, Hopkins, Godwin are gone My opinion is golladay/mike evans,thelian,obj with 1200 and 8 arent better picks than Lamar and kittle Then in the 4th come back with Wr/Wr So your team could be: Cmc,lamar,kittle,chark, aj brown Would love comments on this
  11. I'm doing a daily league lineups for the first time. Stakes are pretty high Who are some players and sleepers who are much more valuable in daily leagues? Ohtani, Joc Peterson, JD Davis, Ryan Braun are a few that come to mind Give me what you got please Also, what is a good pitching strategy. I'm thinking of rostering very few bench hitters and have a lot of relievers and starters to rotate is this correct?
  12. Projections is Julio is out 8 for 90 with 40% chance of td. [...]
  13. Gabrielle may not play Anybody like him as a solid wr3 this week against the lions swiss cheese?
  14. Anybody think he has moderate success vs the depleted browns d line? I mean they have 4 backups starting and they were already 27th against the run. Or do us ballage owners pivot to benny snell this week?
  15. Is he still in the doghouse this week if you had to bet? Or is the punishment over?