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  1. I'm doing a daily league lineups for the first time. Stakes are pretty high Who are some players and sleepers who are much more valuable in daily leagues? Ohtani, Joc Peterson, JD Davis, Ryan Braun are a few that come to mind Give me what you got please Also, what is a good pitching strategy. I'm thinking of rostering very few bench hitters and have a lot of relievers and starters to rotate is this correct?
  2. Projections is Julio is out 8 for 90 with 40% chance of td. [...]
  3. Gabrielle may not play Anybody like him as a solid wr3 this week against the lions swiss cheese?
  4. Anybody think he has moderate success vs the depleted browns d line? I mean they have 4 backups starting and they were already 27th against the run. Or do us ballage owners pivot to benny snell this week?
  5. Is he still in the doghouse this week if you had to bet? Or is the punishment over?
  6. Any chance he only misses 2 games since he played thursday?
  7. They wont be able to run for 300 yards every week. They have ravens,saints,packers,rams,Seattle coming up Real good nfl teams. Pettis route running was on display on the pass he dropped which would of been a td. I still think he emerges as a wr2/wr3
  8. Lots a Darell truthers in this thread why wasn't Darell the starter last year or this year job was wide open in camp. Coaches like the Damian/mccoy combo it's pretty clear
  9. I agree with this 8-10 Carrie's and 4 catches once he returns with Darrell going to the bench. Im.planning on starting Damian and mccoy. Should net me 150 all purpose yards and at least 1 td. Did same thing last year with saints
  10. I dont get it the eye test says this guy is a much better runner than Coleman I guess the coaches know betterthan me
  11. Thunderstorms in the forecast how does this affect Patty? Maybe hes just invinceable
  12. He gets 10 Carrie's and 4-5 passes has the Coleman role and is the sf back to own ros
  13. I'm hearing reports from 3 weeks to 6 weeks, any more updates?
  14. My two leagues are $8000 and $2500 entry fee and $40/ add drop. Most teams have 2 partners and there's an unwritten rule if you make super bowl you split 1st place and play for second. I suspect there are leagues with $25k to $100k entry fee. There's a lot of rich people who love fantasy
  15. I am 41 years old all my friends and I do well financially. I am in two leagues $8000 entry fee and $2500. Chubb slipped to first pick of 3rd round in both We have been playing fantasy football since 1995. Chubb does often thelian ,Evan's, and cook have gone before him he could be in rbbc 2nd half of year
  16. Jets offense is gonna surprise Made some additions to line Darnold improvement year 2 Underrated wr group
  17. I agree with something like this M thomas 1st Kelce 2nd Freeman 3rd Ingram 4th Mike williams/ boyd/ c Davis 5th
  18. I think people are really underestimating him if he plays 16 games he is a lock for 1100 rushing, 500 receiving, and 10 total tds
  19. Start 2rb 3 Wr In that draft strategy I proposed I would stack up on mark Ingram, Tariq Cohen, mckinon types for my rb2 If you are stacked at qb/tight end and Wr with 1 potential rb1 I feel you can punt rb2 and wr3
  20. Some great points. I am leaning kelce in the 1st. I feel 95 1200 10 from the tight end is more valuable than anything in fantasy except the top 4 rb Also don't think Mike Evan's is a reach if he's the last remaining WR in that tier. 1500 yards last year and 179 targets left the team and the new oc,etc imo he has a good a chance of being a top 3 Wr as anyone. You may be right about Jacob's. Gonna be keeping a close eye on him Been mocking and I feel going 1-kelce 2- evans/odb 3-rb (Aaron jones/Jacobs/mack/k Johnson) 4- Wr (r woods /Ken goladay) 5- Qb (luck/watson/ben/Aaron) I feel this is a great team. Would be weak at rb but loading up in later rounds I usually hit.
  21. I can argue that my subject is more draft strategy than who do I start or draft. Beersdown thanks for the detailed response you made some good points
  22. Can you please repost the link I even used search function and cant find the thread
  23. .5 ppr snake draft I pick 8th. My big league entry fee is 5 figures I feel the value in the 2nd round is at WR Evans, ODB, JuJu, Hill can all finish top 3. Plan on going Rb in the 3rd and I'm having trouble ranking the options except for Aaron Jones who I give a 2nd round grade to. How would you rank Henry, Freeman, keryon Johnson, and Mack? Please give a quick reason behind your ranking.
  24. Reading some.previous post I am suprised he is not more liked as a sleeper. He is an elite route runner right now. Go watch his routes Plus he will take 3-4 TDs to the crib that's 150 yards on 4 big plays Don't see how he doesn't get 1000 yards and 6 TDs