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  1. I'm curious if they'd use a humidor for all the zona games. Probably not.
  2. I think what is consistent is exit velocity and launch angles. But Avg HR distance is indeed tracked and considered when predicting HRs from year to year.
  3. Sounds like a ploy to get Bregman in the 3rd round. haha
  4. That was pretty good. Very interesting
  5. Except they weren't on the team....referring to Brantley, Alvarez and tucker in 2017. Did the Indians benefit? The Hooks? Express?
  6. How exactly did Brantley, Alvarez, and Tucker benefit? Correa said Reddick and Altuve didn't cheat. Correa did for sure.
  7. It doesn't prove they weren't stealing signs. They admitted they were in 2017...no one is arguing that. His statement was obviously about Cody's interview when he said the Astros stole the world series from them. Correa explains how most of the runs were scored with runner on 2nd.....but we can argue how they got to 2nd to begin with. Infield errors helped some. But there's also no guarantee the dodgers would have beat the yankees.
  8. I would assume that he spoke with the union before making a deal with the players and handing down the punishment to the team. In his speech today, he said something to the affect that he couldn't punish the players. Or it wouldn't have done any good. Maybe that's just what I got out of it.....I'll have to go back and read it again.
  9. The players union wasn't going to allow the players to be punished. So the league did what it could with hitting the Astros with the max fine and actions which led to the firing of the GM and Hinch. So the players were offered a deal to come clean...and it worked.
  10. I heard on the radio that this was an MLB authentication sticker. And the Reddick pic is confetti. Let’s assume both were a buzzer. I had no idea a motor and a battery could be made so small. And why would Altuve have to tell them not to rip off his shirt again....if they knew he was wearing one on his chest. Why not have it on your leg again? It’s all speculation with no proof. We can speculate that every UFO is alien....until we learn the truths or they’re debunked.
  11. I understand your point, but explain how one tapes a buzzer on their chest in a locker room full of teammates without anyone else knowing? How does he take it off without anyone seeing? I guess he could 'go take a dump' and tape it on and do the same to take it off. But honestly, the clubhouses are like a brotherhood and Altuve couldn't have acted alone. You still need the camera man, someone to buzz him, and probably someone to help tape it on. I just find it highly unlikely that he wore a buzzer under his shirt that no one else knew about. Now if it was in his sock, maybe he could hide it better and apply it easier. Just my view.
  12. I mean, sometimes tattoos can take 8-12 hrs or more. Depending on the work involved. But to say it wasn’t there in July when we are talking about October is just dumb. But then again, I can’t imagine a player getting a tattoo anywhere that’s going to affect his performance during the season.