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  1. Try as they might but the NFL at the end of the day is riddled with millionaire thugs that only wish to inflict violence upon their "league mates".
  2. Kyle Allen. I know. I had to google him too.
  3. Perfect example of why DSTs are dumb. Kickers and DSTs need to go.
  4. So annoying that a scheduling coincidence will defeat us.
  5. Went 0-3 last week in the 3 leagues I'm in. In 2 leagues, went against top scorer for the week. Today, my TE (0.J.) and K (Prater) combined for negative points in my most important league. I don't have a DST spot in that league but in the other two, I played against the Patriots' 40 point performance in BOTH. Boom game over thanks for playing you lost because of a defense while the rest of my team did well. Gonna start 0-6. I think that's enough football for me this year.
  6. Thursday night football does not work stop shoving this down our throats. What's wrong with 1 Saturday night game? Even Friday! Give these guys a chance to rest.
  7. He started as an Eagle and will finish an Eagle. Given DeSean's ego, he's gonna ball out this year in front of all his OG fans. He's back where it all began. Week 1 against Washington will be a revenge game. Watch for him to stick it to them.
  8. Does Arians have eyes? This is an argument for talents far less than Howard's.
  9. This guy is being massively overlooked. He's getting all the first team snaps and Pettis is in the doghouse. He's done it before on this offense. Last season he had several on and off the field problems.
  10. This late in the year, plays like that one bounce people from the playoffs. Always remember.
  11. Is it me or is he ranked way too high this week? In most cases I can find him top-25 against the Falcons. I wonder if it that'll changed once Engram is cleared to play. After watching Eli and the Giants last Thursday I just don't know how someone is willing to risk it with that offense.
  12. I worry this will be a defensive game with ugly offense on both sides. The Vikings seem to always trip over themselves against lesser teams. Sam Darnold is a rookie with high peaks and equally low valleys. It's hard to predict when these games will happen with a rookie. There is also a high probability of the Jets playing from behind most games and being forced to throw. As a Jets fan I WANT to believe in the offense and Kearse (this week) but I've seen this song and dance before.
  13. Somehow (well, the Browns...) this team went into the season with a solid WR group and now they're plucking guys off the practice squad TO START GAMES. They need to get Duke more involved if they want to move the football. There's no excuse at this point (well, the Browns...)
  14. New Orleans did him DIRTY when he was there. He got suspended before the season started and when he returned from it week 5 Sean Payton gave him the depth chart treatment and never really made an impact and was released that offseason. Snead actually turned out to be a colossal bust in fantasy that year I remember taking him round 5 and the "experts" were all over him. You can take it to the bank, Snead will be out for blood. He's playing well, Flacco is playing well and targeting him and the Saints give up the most points to fantasy WRs so far.