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  1. The owners are the bad guys in these negotiations. There should be no consideration by MLBPA of anything less than an 80-game season. 48 is ludicrous. These owners are crying about losing 326-million and showing no proof of those losses. And even if their numbers are correct, 326-million is about 10.8-million for each owner. That's a drop in the bucket for those in the billionaire club. To put it another way, that's about the cost of a number 4 starting pitcher.
  2. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych. The only baseball player to grace the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. 1976 was magic. What a season and what a guy.
  3. In my opinion, Brendan Rodgers and Christian Pache (at least hitting-wise) are vastly overrated. I'd take Downs over the both of them. Rodgers, in particular, has major flaws in his game. He's positively allergic to taking a base on balls, and has zero speed. He also seems like an injury liability. And if he's traded by the Rockies, kiss his value goodbye.
  4. Chavis owners will want to cover their eyes for these 2019 MLB stats in 382 plate appearances ... 96 wRC+ .347 babip which led to a still rather paltry .254 BA and .322 OBP 33.2 K% vs 8.1 BB% xBA .222
  5. I'd take all of those guys over Dominguez. Lux is already a top-5 prospect and has reached the bigs. Carlson and Kelenic are both knocking on the door and are highly rated prospects who have shown they can hit for AVG and power while stealing 20 bags. And Julio is two years older and very possibly the most gifted player of the bunch. Julio also is way more physically imposing than Dominguez. At 16 years of age, Dominguez has a ways to go before making his big league debut.
  6. I agree. In four team leagues, these guys are definitely nothing but streamers.
  7. Hard to imagine Gallen and his 4 plus-pitch-arsenal not securing a spot in the rotation over the 31-year-old Merrill Kelly. Not saying it can't happen. But trading their top prospect in Jazz Chisholm for a starting pitcher they're just going to banish to the bullpen would seem an egregious mistake by the D-Backs. Especially after his showing last year, both at AAA and in the Bigs.
  8. My favorite Mariners moment is when Julio Rodriguez made his Major League regular season debut in 2020.
  9. I asked Dipoto if there is any chance of Rodriguez getting fast-tracked all the way to Seattle this coming summer. "He wants to not only play in the big leagues, he wants to play in the big leagues as a 19-year-old,” Dipoto responded. “He’d obviously need to earn it, but based on his physical abilities, it’s not entirely out of the question.”
  10. Senzel owners won't like this, but Senzel feels a lot like David Dahl: average-to-above-average tools across the board, but can't stay on the field enough to showcase those talents. He'd probably be fun to own if he could stay on the field for 145 games. But I wouldn't pay for more than 100 games of production.
  11. The Albatross's mascot is set to earn more than half the entire Marlins payroll. They should require he learn to hit for that kind of dough.
  12. If you're willing to see past Luke Voit's injury-plagued second half of 2019, here are his pre-injury numbers from August 2018, when he was acquired by the Yanks, thru June 2019: G - 117 AB - 425 HR - 31 RBI - 83 R - 81 AVG - .296 OBP - .400 Extrapolated over 550 at-bats, those numbers become 40 HR and 212 combined R/RBI, along with a .400 OBP. That's elite production. Granted, there are a lot of mouths to feed in the Bronx, but with good health and even just 500 AB's, pre-injury-Voit could be a huge contributor across the board - with a legit chance to deliver top-10 overall 1B production.
  13. I don't care how hard Clase throws - he's No. 30 on the Rangers' top-30 prospects on I understand dumping Kluber's salary to possibly sign Lindor to an extension - especially because the Tribe still has great starting pitching - but it would seem they should have gotten much, much more in return. I'm bummed if I'm an Indians fan, which I'm not.
  14. This guy entered the 2019 season being mentioned in many prospect publications as possibly the best pure hitter in the minors behind Vlad Jr. He entered tonight with a .269/.330/.391 triple slash line in 294 at bats while displaying virtually no power. His .721 OPS is equal to an all-glove no-bat utility infielder. Granted he missed all of April with a wrist injury, which can often sap power, but these numbers are beyond weak and this has been a lost season for Kirilloff. Is he even a top-30 prospect after this dismal campaign?
  15. This guy looks like he's twice the player that is Miguel Andujar. I expect Andujar to be flipped for starting pitcher in the offseason.