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  1. Yes absolutely, in a 10 team ppr. Plug and play waiver guys in your flex. Just get in the playoffs and you’re good.
  2. Absolutely try to get Kelce or Saquon or both, Call me crazy but I’d go all in and give up all your rb depth and Andrews for Kelce and Saquon
  3. Keep those qbs out of the enemy’s hands
  4. Barber is JAG and I don’t believe jones was fully over his hamstring injury post combine. I think he will take over this backfield over the next 2-3 weeks. If not, he was free.
  5. Kenyan drake and Jordan howard. Call me crazy but I’m my 12 team ppr, I’m targeting these guys in the 2nd and 3rd. I’ve done a ton of mocks and I just don’t like the other guys available. Unless the top 5 wr’s fall to me I’m going rb-rb-rb.
  6. The patriots missed the playoffs the season cassel took over
  7. House tyrell is going to blow up once more. Win me that bronze medal twill
  8. I have drake, hunt, Gordon. My opponent had freeman, gurley, and kamara. I lost by 60, third place here I come
  9. If Allen is out tyrell should get more looks, also Henry got injured
  10. If smith had hit him for that missed td, he would've had 3 td's
  11. This is the titans' problem all year. Their coaching staff seems like they are trying to lose
  12. His only issue last night was him slipping a few times