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  1. They say a few weeks.. let me translate - we will IR him ( which is at least 3) and it will be at least 6 and if Edmonds plays the way he is capable of we will simply IR him and never activate him
  2. could have been a lot worse. They don't need Sanders to beat the Giants.
  3. exactly - could be anything from MCL season ender to torn meniscus 2-4 weeks to a ding that will keep him out a week - hopefully we hear something definitive soon
  4. that does not sound good, but who knows Trying for the positive spin
  5. he is a dak replacement for me in 1 league........ i think this could be something special. the kid has "it".
  6. starting him - byes and injuries.. why not
  7. welp, Dak is out... I may have to make a trade here................
  8. Kyle Allen takes a helmet to helmet hit Alex Smith warming
  9. Yea. Wish i started Edmonds but he is locking down #1 RB status for rest of the year right now.
  10. Home league....We charge for each transaction in addition to the buy in. You want to churn to help build the league pot, please, be my guest.
  11. I have a feeling that Cincy is coming to play on Sunday. Balt off of the KC embarassment. Cin playing with confidence. I hear you... so.. if not SF or Bal, then who? I guess my next choice is seahags, but....
  12. SF is my pick this week; I have burned KC, Indy, Ari and LAR