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  1. So what is the group think here ? That the season for minor leagues is already done for any type of season as we know it? I can see games on back fields and what not, at least eventually, but it seems like it is a real long shot before we get any kind of minor league season, at least to me. As a fantasy geek, I love tracking minors almost as much as the MLB dudes, so while having MLB would be great, having it without minors would kill part of the strategy behind my dynasty and keeper leagues.
  2. Reggie Jackson
  3. Trump telling the major sports leagues fans ought to be allowed to return in September or August. I think MLB in 2020 is not going to happen
  4. but no one really know what is going to happen - it is a nice idea but I genuinely wonder if there will be baseball at all in 2020
  5. My Bold Prediction is that the 1st MLB game is played July 4th and the season is 81 games.
  6. Jennings, Montero and Smoak I remember being super high on Darin Ruf after he tore up AZL one year.
  7. Game 1 of the 2016 WS is probably #1 After that there are too many to count including: Albert Belle's 1st MLB game (versus Nolan Ryan) and throwing a ball at a fan; I have been lucky and have seen a number of all stars and HOF's during their career; Only foul ball was from Mariano Rivera's hand, fouled off, and ended up bouncing around and landing in my date's lap, not a 1st date but pretty darn close - the 1st few dates anyway. That ball is now in my home office and that "date" is now my wife! (Maybe I need to make this game #1?) - LOL
  8. I become less optimistic by the day that we are going to see anything resembling a season - IF they get back to playing real games in July - we get what? 81 games . 😪
  9. I put this here as I remember the Yankees as bigger than life as a 9 year old living in NJ, and just starting to understand sports. I remember rushing home from school to watch the one game playoff and actually being allowed to watch the game instead of doing homework.
  10. Smoak and Montero.. loved em' both; Traded Arenado away to get Darin Ruf Dropped Acuna cause i thought i could get him back All of that and still won a championship in that league last year. 😎
  11. fantasyguru posted the 1st recap I saw on February 5th - so probably before the Betts trade became public and then went sideways. HTH
  12. Shoemaker could get be a sneaky SP at the end of drafts. He won't light the world on fire, but he is a good asset to have for so long as he stays healthy IMHO. I also think Josh James has a ton of potential.
  13. Boone - thanks for showing up a week late........ bahahahaha
  14. points total decided this week so you play em all .........