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  1. Still don't trust him (he's benched)
  2. Morton = 1st half wonder and done. Looks like the good times are over.
  3. As the title goes, who sits and who starts today? Ray seems to be an obvious sit. Price vs TOR Ray @ COL Skaggs vs SEA
  4. Why didn't he come back out for the 6th? Lopsided score?
  5. Should I drop any SP for him or hold? Not sure if I have one to drop but the candidates include Ray and Price (and maybe Porcello or Mikolas).
  6. Price is no better than Cole Hamels. Time to bail.
  7. Gameday bump. What do we have on him for tonight?
  8. Skaggs done after 5 innings and 79 pc. Must be the heat?
  9. Which Yank should I hold ROS (redraft)? Bird or Andjjar
  10. Assuming you have depth at the corner position and need pitching, this trade seems fair.
  11. Should I roll with Mikolas or Foltynewicz ROS?
  12. Pretty close, minus the Ks maybe. He's already given up 3 hits and 2 walks (and a HBP) after 3.
  13. Yeah. Severino's pretty much untouchable at this point. I'd simply hold.