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  1. I usually don't do this, but I just give up. My opponent's team has had all season highs for all of their players, even their defense.. I just watched Gronkowski catch his first touch down of the season.. Meanwhile I have held Mattison this whole season on the off chance that my guy Cook goes down. It happens and he craps the bed.
  2. Who should I go with? I have Bod locked into my lineup, but now Chark is active and it is a better match-up overall.
  3. I like your lineup, but I would not want to risk it with McLaurin as your flex. We need to see how things go with their new QB. I would go Shenault or Lindsey with Melvin out.
  4. This is full PPR. My team is stacked at RB with CEH, Jacobs, James Robinson, Gurley and Gibson. I offered him CEH for Julio and he countered with Allen Robinson for Jacobs. My WR's are Ridley, Parker, Moore, Cooks and Jeudy.
  5. Chark if he plays. I don't like Singletary this game with Moss coming back. Dude was outplayed by Tj Yelon last game somehow.
  6. If you want to hold two defenses longer you can hold them. I will try to just pick them up again next week early in the morning once waivers clear. But with the way they are playing the weeks afterwards looks bad.
  7. Cooks vs Tenn. They have given up a lot more points to Wide Receivers than Baltimore has.
  8. Honestly I think so. I have them too and have just been streaming other options the past two weeks hoping to see them turn things around. I don't know what your league settings are, but for mine the Bills have given me 10 pts, -2, 1, 4 and -5. I'm dropping them.
  9. I would go with Cooks. The targets that Hopkins was getting have to go somewhere and it looks like Watson and Cooks are beginning to click.
  10. Go with Claypool if Dionte doesn't play over Mclauren.
  11. It depends on where Bell goes and if he is even signed at all. I can't think of many destinations where he would take over the lead back role.. Maybe the Bears? But their offense is not the greatest.
  12. I'm in the same predicament and am leaning towards Cooks. The issue is we don't know what Claypool's role will be with Johnson healthy in the lineup.