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  1. You have to go with Bilal because he's the safer pick. Cook playing really limits his upside.
  2. Honestly... Keep Jacobs. I love Bell, but the Jets are garbage. His coach is garbage. I feel like he'll continue to underachieve this whole season.
  3. Gotta go with Tate. He has been reliable these past few weeks.
  4. Who do you see having the best value going forward? I doubt Green plays at all this season. With a rookie QB coming into the fold I'm not sure which guy to pick up. What do you guys think?
  5. I take it all back. They were just testing my faith.. What merciful Gods seeing as how I failed miserably.
  6. Up by 5 points, I have Amari and he has Gallup. The fantasy Gods officially hate me.
  7. With how cautious they've been with Gurley since last season, I doubt they would ave cleared him unless he was 100% or close to it.
  8. I live in South Florida and so does my whole league. Perhaps my circumstances are different than yours. If I drop him he's getting picked up 100%. Plus, this season there aren't even many useful running backs.
  9. If he gets traded, I'm only keeping him if he was brought on due to an injury to an RB1 or if it's Tampa. Otherwise I'm trading him right away.