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  1. Wow Brady actually looks like his age here. Holy crap.
  2. I am one of those that hate the comparisons. Like I kid you not, QBs have been coming out of colleges and are being comparing to Brady, Brees, Payton Manning. Like wow really? The greatest QBs of all time are like dime a dozen to all these so called football experts. But I gotta agree with the comparison to Elway. To be fair, a few QBs have been compared to Elway. Remember Jake the Snake? Heck Cutler at one point in his career. But for Allen, I remember watching a game where Elway was scouting him from the sideline and even brought up the comparison himself and was super high on Allen. Maybe that was all smokes and mirrors because even though they needed a QB, they didn’t push all that hard to get Allen. Anyway, it is a bit premature, but he is definitely a real deal. If I can get him on my teams this season without paying preminum, I am all in.
  3. Totally agree with your statement that even if resumes, the whole landscape has changed narrative. But for splitting the money, it is really case by case between different leagues. For example, by splitting money among the remaining playoff teams, it wouldn’t be fair for teams that are 1, 2 games behind 6th spot that maybe winning their week. And so on... Don’t know. Pro Leagues are all screwed up since Yahoo will definitely hold on to the money for as long as possible since they will keep their cuts.
  4. That was for standard leagues. Yahoo Pro Leagues settings per se. In my 2 QBs Super Flex. Definitely Lamar and Mahomes flying off the shelves this season for sure.
  5. Fútbol ⚽️ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 😅 I think some leagues actually coming back this week or this weekend. May 16th?
  6. +1 And for anyone that actually saw the game he was torching every single double and sometimes triple coverage they threw at him before his injury. Personally I thought it was season ending injury. For him to come back the back half of the season and A-rod immediately go out of his way to get the ball to him. Yea. I. am. in. I am F’n miss football. American football.
  7. I had them both last season. And I can tell you, the frustrations of starting AK knowing MT will get all the yards and a backup QB will get all the rushing TDs will drive anyone crazy. And he was healthy so you gotta keep starting him. Nope. Not going down that path again. Not to derail the thread, so if you want we can discuss about AK values in his thread. But then again, I’m staying away from AK so there is really no points for me to discuss about him unless he magically falls out the first round. Which he won’t. If he is your target then I hope he will do better for you than he did for me. Fantasy football right you gotta love it.
  8. He was a beast last season, undoubted my best pick of the season, at the discounted rate. This season at a top 5 pick, I’d probably do it if I know I can get the cuffs. But then again, will he be sharing the touches? Would be smart for the coaches to do that to lessen his wears and tears. Heck what am I saying? If I have the number 5 pick this season, I’d be rostering Cook in all my leagues. Assuming it goes: 1.CMC 2. Saquon 3. Zek. 4. Can’t Stop Mike 5. Cook Personally I’d put MT at 3, Cook at 4, and Zek at 5. Basically, you can’t go wrong if you have the top 5 pick this year.
  9. Especially PPR leagues, he is godmode.
  10. A Saquon thread turning into “who are you picking with the number one pick?” RW gonna RW...
  11. I’m in a ton of Pro Leagues. Waiting for the decision as well. Although they are all H2H. Csb coming. I’m in 1st or 2nd in 3 leagues. And like 15+ games behind 6th place in the other 3 leagues. So I guess if they payout everyone according to current standings, I’ll break even? Lmao. Let’s see where this is going...I’m kind of intrigue...definitely a year in sports to remember...forever...
  12. Beautiful man. Throwbacks of Spurs 21 and GSW 33 brought back soooooo many memories.
  13. You have got to be kidding me. Jerry Buss must be rolling in his grave knowing that the Lakers even attempted to get a $4.6 millions loan from the government. Ok more like trying to scam their way to $4.6 millions. The organization is worth 1,000 times that amount. That is just pathetic.
  14. Aside from they keep pushing Stephen Ahole to be the “expert” of everything? Haven’t watched ESPN programs other than live sport events in years. Years.