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  1. Am I seeing this right? markdash in this section of town. Well the Football forums about to be better.
  2. That what I thought as well...the tackle got him shaken up. He couldn’t get up by himself and when a teammate came over he kind of hesistant to take his hand and get up...and then of course they panned the camera into McV face...
  3. From a 100% share holder...time to accept the fact that Chase is a better player and Drake just went from 100 to 0 quick.
  4. Already know he is going to be out week 8. But yet the Saints going to F every fantasy player up by listing MT as Q and can’t put him in IR slot.
  5. What a bust!! All the hot takes haters are shutting up quickly. Wanted another catch so he can go over 200 yards, that would be poetic justice for all his supporters. Once again, Beast mode.
  6. Not saying he is going to their number one the rest of the season. Not saying he is a direct replacement for MT or Sanders. I’m saying he is the play this week and gave a prediction.
  7. People calling Adams a bust. Lmfao. Thought it is something I would see on Yahoo “discussion” threads. Not on RW. But oh well. Number 1 overall WR the rest of the way AINEC.
  8. The only person that hurt Robinson value is Chuckie’s Little Bro.
  9. Harris is the play here. 5/80/1 my prediction for this week. That is Flex worth in any format.
  10. Well I’d like to report this thread. What about people like me that not making the playoffs or sitting at the bottom of the standings. We have feelings too man. C’mon man! - Joe *sniff sniff* Biden
  11. I’m from the state that I’m ashamed to say. 60 degrees is too cold. And smoke usually means we are burning 🔥🔥🔥
  12. Bad play call Now 4th down...??? Goddamn these 2 teams waccccck
  13. What the hell is all this fog smog smoke unclear crap