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  1. Think you mis-read the above
  2. Didn't he win the AFL MVP?
  3. 4 K's and a ball off his glove 4 a homer, hello minor league camp SOON
  4. All the OF'ers hitting under .200(except meadows) you would think it would not be long
  5. You would think he would still get the call just in case 1 of the starters gets rocked in the 1st inning
  6. Just hope they are allowed to pitch at least 5 innings to get the wins, the K's should be thier. Which 1 you boys got your money on? I own both in all leagues
  7. Never good with alot of strikeouts and so called bad defense. If he even gets an AB i would be surprised
  8. fell in love with his fastball and never found the zone with other pitches
  9. Any chance you can change the pick time from 90 to 60?
  10. If still open and thru league safe i'll take it
  11. i will take a spot. But not a fan of the 90 second clock??
  12. I take a spot. Can you explain the RP thing a little more?