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  1. All things aren’t equal. Longoria and Bryant both debuted at age 23. Soto debuted at 20(maybe 19?). Not only was he 3 years younger in his development path, but he had a greater OPS and BB numbers in his age 21 season than Longoria or Bryant posted in their entire careers. Longoria has actually never been close to Soto in terms of hitting profile, but Bryant has with some seasons nearing 100bb. With that said, any 21 year old hitter who can post a 950ops/108bb is beyond special. His profile at his age is pretty much unmatched in this history of the game, which is why people feel so safe taking him early as you just do not see this kind of approach at the plate at this age.
  2. I saw somebody mention he missed no games last year from it. That I know for a fact is not true. I owned him everywhere and remember him getting rest days for the knees even last year. Can’t say how many(and think it was just a few) but it certainly happened.
  3. I’m a huge supporter of Kittle this year. I was arguing w folks in the AB thread that I feel more comfortable w him over AB. He’s just one of those guys that because he only did it for one year- everybody is trying to pick apart his stats and yell regression. PFF graded him as the best TE in the league last year(yes ahead of Kelce who was #2) and every metric was record breaking territory for him, including YAC where he led the entire NFL including all WRs. Some people argue that he didn’t play enough w Jimmy G and Jimmy won’t throw to TEs as much. I don’t really buy it- he’s the most talented receiving weapon by far on the team and Jimmy G should be an upgrade at QB. Whenever a guy only has one season of success, there’s always going to be some questions- but to me he is very close to Kelce in value and I have no problem taking him after the elite WR tier and maybe Evans/Cook as well. Some of this should also depend on your league and strategy- meaning do you have guys later on you know you can pick to fill in your roster, and does your league value TEs highly- if so he’s well worth a pick because having an elite TE is a huge edge that MAYBE 5-6 teams tops will have while the others stream crap.
  4. Fantasy pros which is 107 experts combined has AB at 22 and Kittle at 25 so not sure what’s silly about it unless you’re going to say the consensus of 107 experts isn’t close at all.
  5. Except Goodwin and Pettis both played 12 games last year, and were both terrible. Zero reports of either of them looking good at all this year, actually reports that Pettis is lost. And Samuel is a rookie- and we know most rookies don’t make impacts. Point is, Kittle was and still is clearly the best target on that team. I don’t want to derail this thread though so I’ll drop out after this- but all I said is at his 21/22 overall ADP- which is what it’s up to again- I see a lot of red flags. The main being going from one of the best offense and long ball throwers to the worst. Would I be shocked if he still has a good season? Not at all, just saying for the risk adverse there are other options that worst case I don’t think he will outproduce by much, if at all.
  6. Just nothing you say makes sense to be honest, and I figured you had him since you are clearly biased. As for your statements- Allen and Evans are all going in the same range, so nope not more expensive they are the same cost. Care to explain how they are also just as risky? I see Evans being younger, and having 5 straight seasons of 1000+ yards and now also having a better coach. He’s also never hurt and drama free. Allen was injury prone for a bit, but is coming off 2 straight seasons of 95+ catches/1100+ yards with 0 games missed, is younger, and in a much better offense and much better QB. As for Kittle, lack of receiving depth you say last year- so you think that now seems to be fixed this year somehow with Pettis and Goodwin as their 1/2? Could arguably be the worst starting receiver combo in the league, and Pettis has been horrible all preseason and the staff has said they don’t even know if he deserves the starting spot. Kittle is clearly their best option, and you could very well argue that Jimmy G coming back should up his TD total(and most understand that 5tds In 80+/1300+ yards is fluky), even if his yards do come slightly down. So again, I don’t understand your reasoning
  7. You must have drafted AB, that’s what normally happens on these forums. And again, nobody is saying he can’t do it again the point was guys like Allen/Evans certainly do have dependable resumes and have much less question marks. And if you ignoring a 25 year old who set the all-time yards record at TE in his first season being featured, and led the league in yards after catch- then you either are reading too many “regression” articles or just aren’t watching games. Kid is a monster.
  8. While I think he has upside, I’m not quite sure I buy into his late 2nd/early 3rd ADP just yet. 1)Team change- I’m seeing most projections still having him at 100/1200/10, but how do we know he can do this on a new team + downgrade at QB. Every stat shows that Ben loves to throw deep, and Carr is one of the worst downfield guys in the league. My 2nd point regarding the team, why couldn’t they figure out how to use Cooper here correctly? I get Cooper is not an AB level talent, but we also saw Cooper got to Dallas and instantly be more valuable. 2)Age- I am not a fan of taking guys into their 30s. I know WRs can age more gracefully than other positions, but I feel like if there is going to be a big drop off, it happens once they enter their 30s. In general, I just prefer younger players that have less wear and tear. 3)His ego- this guy went crazy when JuJu got some credit for being player of the year for Pitt. He obviously cares about his stats and how he is perceived. IF Oakland gets out to a poor start and Carr can’t get him the ball as much as he’s used to, are you confident he isn’t going to go crazy? How will he react to being on a losing team overall? I’m not so much concerned w this foot injury and helmet situation, more what will happen on these points I just mentioned. Overall, he’s been of the best WRs in the league for a long time and you obviously can’t count him out. It’s just with these red flags I’m not sure I could take him over the other other WRs who are younger(Evans,Allen)and have less question marks, or even Kittle who will be fed the ball in SF.
  9. In a 12 team league, at pick 20 there is probably close to no chance that Chubb, Conner, or Gurley make it back to 20th pick in the 2nd. Not to mention, Gurley is easily more of a question mark than DJ at this point. Overall point is, guys like Conner and Chubb are most likely not going to be there to pair with that WR you take in round 1, but there will certainly be a nice WR left to pair with DJ.
  10. Anybody stashing in redrafts? Definitely struggling since he’s been sent back down
  11. The start of this season is nowhere near a large enough sample to draw any real conclusions from. If you want to say it’s a concern after last season, that would be reasonable. But you didn’t do that, you pulled all numbers form THIS season only, and said he is done cause they are all career worsts.
  12. So let me get this straight- you are comparing his “career samples” and other “full years” to a 16 game sample to come to the conclusion he is done? That is quite interesting, and makes close to no sense. If you checked any guy who is extremely struggling right now vs their career numbers, they would look done. Point is, a 16 game sample is close to meaningless. Not saying he will be fine or he is done either way, but that is certainly not the way to come to the conclusion.
  13. Is this accurate? They went 67-15 last year, so you’re saying they were undefeated when Steph played? That would be amazing if true, but feel like we would have heard more about that if so.