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  1. Jesse Barfield. 162 OF assists. The home runs were nice but I would watch just to see him throw out runners from the OF.
  2. I drafted Yelich one year and then Acuna the next. Traded them both away stupidly. I drafted Kristian Robinson last year and am thinking of going for the “Turkey” and trading him too which means he will be the next big thing. Mammoth power and great speed.
  3. You need an OF. Top available are Berti, Arraez, Myers, Garcia and Grichuk.
  4. 45 minutes and my league manager is slacking and hasn’t activated our ESPN league! Only thing I care about, is the trade block back?
  5. I’d trade the first 3 for Flaherty. If you can get him with Cease instead all power to you. Go with the guy who is proven over prospects.
  6. Just noticed ESPN is down now. Looks like the are starting there changes. editing, sorry my mistake. It was my Yahoo app. It looks like the App for Yahoo is now unavailable too. ESPN is still up.
  7. He is eligible this season but could wait until July to get the more money since a lot of teams already spent there money.
  8. Also have to remember that Jansen didn’t focus on his offence, he was told to focus on his defence that lacked. After a full season he was 4th on the AL throwing out runners and was near the top in pitch framing. The Jays openly said they didn’t care if he hit, they would rather have a defensive catcher. Mission accomplished, he is going to play. He is better offensively than McGuire as well. I can see the latter being traded. Jansen is also more marketable. “Don’t run on Danny”.
  9. Yes that is true. He only had 8 games in what would be the equivalent of major leagues.
  10. According to Jeff Passan Outfielder/pitcher Oscar Colás, one of the best prospects to emerge from Cuba in years, has defected and will seek a deal with a major league team, sources familiar with his plans tell ESPN. Colás, 21, played in Japan last year and hit .302/.350/.516. He’s a LHP up to 95, too.
  11. Don’t forget about Shun Yamaguchi. Could end up one the bullpen but should be given an opportunity to start.
  12. Somebody had a secret source. Now tell me where Nate Lowe is playing?
  13. Guess the Dodgers don’t know. Source: #Dodgers showing interest in LF Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, who is viewed by many as a better fit for the American League. Tsutsugo faces a Dec. 19 deadline to sign in @MLB after being posted by the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of NPB, for whom he hit 29 HR this year. @MLBNetwork
  14. Didi to the Phillies and Gausman to the Giants just announced.