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  1. Now on the taxi squad. Could be replacing Reese McQuire very shortly. Was excellent in spring training. Lots of power with a good average. Don’t expect any SB’s.
  2. Except Quantrill came back in the trade which could be bad for Plesac again.
  3. Hearing the Jays are open to not playing that game either.
  4. The only solace may be is the fact he said he was feeling better in the morning. See what 10 days of rest does.
  5. Trade him to Miami, that will get his attention.
  6. Struck out all 3 times. I don’t think he even got a foul tip. Rosters go back to 28 on Thursday, wonder if he will be one of the cuts.
  7. Looks like he will join the 30 man to start the season with Junis now being out.
  8. Jesse Barfield. 162 OF assists. The home runs were nice but I would watch just to see him throw out runners from the OF.
  9. I drafted Yelich one year and then Acuna the next. Traded them both away stupidly. I drafted Kristian Robinson last year and am thinking of going for the “Turkey” and trading him too which means he will be the next big thing. Mammoth power and great speed.
  10. You need an OF. Top available are Berti, Arraez, Myers, Garcia and Grichuk.
  11. 45 minutes and my league manager is slacking and hasn’t activated our ESPN league! Only thing I care about, is the trade block back?
  12. I’d trade the first 3 for Flaherty. If you can get him with Cease instead all power to you. Go with the guy who is proven over prospects.
  13. Just noticed ESPN is down now. Looks like the are starting there changes. editing, sorry my mistake. It was my Yahoo app. It looks like the App for Yahoo is now unavailable too. ESPN is still up.
  14. He is eligible this season but could wait until July to get the more money since a lot of teams already spent there money.