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  1. The problem is that people think Lockett is talented and he is not. He makes his pay from broken plays and scrambles by Wilson. When Wilson doesn't scramble ( last 6-8 weeks or so ), there are no broken plays. Any corner in the league can shut down Lockett ( as evident the last few weeks ) since he does not possess the skills to get open without help/\.
  2. They felt sorry for him? Pathetic performance and easy dnd next year . This guy is terrible on a terrible team
  3. If he is as good as those in this thread say...he should make/find new holes to run through. Chubb is just not good...rushing title means nothing on today’s nfl as all the elite backs catch balls
  4. My opponent in the championship agreed to split the 1st and 2nd place pot so I already won
  5. Chiefs will draft a bigger back that can pass pro
  6. This...going all rb and great te and hope to snag Lockett, deebo, aj brown, and Miller in the middles
  7. Put up 171 in full ppr to advance to the ship by starting lockett, kittle, and chubb
  8. looking ahead to next week. Kitchens is a moron and with hunt , they could not play Chubb. The ravens are much improved since the last time they met and the browns keep getting worse
  9. Was about to post this...ravens plus kitchens equals easy sit next week. You have to play matchups if you can
  10. #79 for the Cowboys might be mentally challenged...He keeps lining up offsides
  11. If deebo is held catchless, I will have started all the non-injury zero catch games by supposedly good receivers ( Evans, Lockett, and soon deebo). There has to be a csb award for that somewhere