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  1. They did a stat correction so it ended up being 11,525,000 so a little over 400,000K tests. Stattracker was wrong as it usually is across all platforms
  2. Coronavirus worldmeter started at 11,090,000 and ended at 11,949,000
  3. Maybe there is a smaller concentration with normal talking We just completed over 730,000 covid tests today...soon we will be testing a million per day. Never bet against America
  4. There are different supplements though...I would recommend people take food-based vitamins and try them out. Common sense therapy says that our body is designed to extract vitamins and minerals from food which could be why synthetic vitamins are not as effective. I know when I took vitamin c absorbic acid it just changed the color of my urine to neon. I can take vitamin c from areola cherry and appears to stay in my system. Everybody is different so whatever works for you although I highly recommend switching.
  5. Cares act was supposed to reimburse patients if the providers took federal funding. I just assumed all did
  6. The cares act was supposed to reimburse healthcare providers at Medicare numbers. Any provider accepting money from the cares act must not collect. This is kinda close to a federal single-payer system ( insurance companies get money up front) , Medicare for all, even briefly for covid, is trial run at universal for a specific issue. Of course, Greed, waste, fraud and abuse permeates almost every aspect of American society.
  7. Don’t forget the two major causes of deaths, heart disease and cancer, could be taking place in homes where people are not able to access normal care due to pandemic. Not sure if these are considered covid comorbidities Or how they would count these deaths.
  8. Canada 2000 a month is about 1500us...we are giving $600 per week until July 31 for $2400 a month plus state unemployment rate. All Americans get free covid care. California has more people than Canada and no universal healthcare and has a lower death rate per capita than Canada. Your state sucks if they haven’t paid your unemployment yet
  9. Ny and mass have higher testing per capita than them now...it’s frustrating to me as well as I always thought we were the best. Germany’s tests and health care was just much better at the start so we have to play catch up
  10. Our Health System was not setup for this and the CDC botched the early tests instead of using the German ones. The CDC had to tell states how to use their labs and even where they were located at the beginning. “The fact is that the way the system was set up is that the public health component that Dr. Redfield was talking about was a system where you put it out there in the public and a physician asks for it and you get it. The idea of anybody getting it easily, the way people in other countries are doing it, we’re not set up for that,” Fauci said. We are now testing over 300,000 per day and will be testing higher than all those countries by June or July
  11. What do you mean by lack of testing? Our tests per capita is now higher than Canada and we have over ten times more people Do people ( not you ) think we need to test 330 million people everytime they go out? That is a lot of cotton swabs
  12. Yeah...Deaths per capita in the US is 257 per million...Sweden is 343 deaths per million. Spain , Italy, France, Belgium, UK, and Netherlands are higher as well so the UK and some European Union countries are worse than us. Germany has much better health scientists than we do so they are the exception not the norm
  13. Not directed at you...Why are we so bad at testing? No state has the capacity to run more tests unless new labs are built correct? Why aren't university labs trying to help? Can't med/nursing students help give tests? Don't we enough swabs and reagents by now?