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  1. Edan's Radio Show. All kinds of flavors... Check it out here. If you dig it, check out episode 2 for sure. http://grandgood.com/2009/05/01/edans-radio-show-episode-1/
  2. Listen man, I explained myself. I tend(ed) to stop listening to "mainstream" artists when I thought they were selling out or their music got tired, redundant, whatever the case. Gangstarr, Tribe, De la and the list goes on. I never said I didn't listen to a "mainstream" artist, but gave reasons why I started focusing on the underground right around 99 or 2000. You talk about opinions then true talent. What you perceive as talent is different than others. I'm not sure what is absurd...maybe my opinion and what I listen to is absurd to you. Notice I haven't said that one time no matter how much I dislike an artist that anyone has mentioned. So talent is talent, whatever you want to call something that somebody does, but I won't agree with what you think is "talent" worth listening to. Again we have been down this path and I tried to stop it earlier, but here we go again saying I think this or I think that. It could be nevereding man, but to call what I listen to is absurd is well uhhh your choice I guess. I will choose to stay away from those type of arguments as I have done this 100's of times in the past with friends & aquaintences. I will also refrain from mentioning how I feel about the insertion of these lol's in the middle of opinion-based sentences/paragraphs. I would much rather chat music with Chris Wills, no offense. Good luck man
  3. EVERY single rap artist? Really? Well if that is the case then it just goes to show why I don't have much interest in giving them any of my money. It is when I decide not to buy an album from an artist. That equals being watered down man. I can tell you that Sage Francis, Buck 65, Aesop Rock, El-P, Jel, etc. have NOT done this. That is why the underground is much more appealing to me. And you continue to want to compare musical artists to athletes. It is not working for me. Music is a creative industry, hopefully. They are many differences between the two. And a whole album cannot be real if they are choosing to sell out for singles that they hope to get radio play from. And yes they are plenty of artists hiphop or not that make a living doing what they want and making the songs they want. That is true art, not making stuff you think people will buy or like. Like Sole said..I 'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect.
  4. See, that is the kind of stuff that turns me off bigtime. It's what the true underground artists/albums/songs don't do. This is why I now primarily dig for old samples and break beats. My friends with similar taste call it selling out for the masses and some of my favorite artists of all-time have done it. I have no problem with these artists or the people who listen to them. It is just a big reason why I have been turned off by rap music in the past several years. Again, this might happen to others as they get older or it may not. There is a lot of money in the rap game to be had and it seems harder for the MCs to make songs they truly want to make. It was sad to see this happen to my man Guru, but he made some great albums with Primo & essentially made peanuts off them....so I understand trying to get paid. But I would still rather listen to "Step in the Arena" or "Hard to Earn". I still believe that the best hiphop is made more from the heart as compared to making money or getting radio play. I am not a huge Murs guy, but have chatted with him the past few years at Scribble. Real cool dude for sure, I just don't get into his rap much. I did listen to the Felt album a bit...just not something I seek out much anymore. 9th Wonder can make some beats though, so I will check it out.
  5. Dude, I listened to his stuff on youtube. Not impressed. If that wasn't his actual skill, then what the hell was he doing singing at the espys in front of a national audience? And I generally dont like the sing-songy MC's with overplayed chourses in their songs. Let's just say I agree again with Chris Wills on this one and that we have pretty similar tastes. You and I don't. Now if you want to talk about maturity levels that's fine. Maybe you can mature enough to understand that I don't like what I don't like. Anybody who is influenced by Crucial Conflict of all groups is sure not to register with me. Sorry that my opinion differs from yours. Now go chill and download/listen to those Conmen mixtapes, if you're not too mature for them.
  6. Sorry for the double post, but just had to recommend "The Conmen" and their mixtapes. I think they have been out awhile but I just downloaded 5 of them. They are full of great beats and you will recognize sample after sample if you were a hiphop fan thru the 90's. The blending is great and really makes for some good listening, imo. NICE
  7. I will let my buddy know, although he might already, and he will prolly look into gettin it. I knew I heard of Herb Mcgruff somewhere, just couldn't plave the name. RIP Big L!! Oh, and MiggyManCrrush was talking about Lupe Fiasco??? I am pretty sure I just heard him singing on the ESPY's. That was unfortunate. And he is an up & coming star? I guess I AM getting old.
  8. Yeah, that does help. I have a Cenobites EP somewhere. It's Kool Keith, Gofather Don & several guests. Is that the one? I believe it had like 10 tracks, but it has been awhile since I rocked that. I think I used to play "Kick a Dope Verse" & "Mommy" quite a bit. I was lucky enough to see Kool Keith on Thanksgiving night, 2002 in Columbus. He came out in full Black Elvis attire and put on a good show. Not too familiar will Herb McGruff's stuff though, but a brother is too broke to afford a piece a wax for 80 bones right now. I will definitely be sellin my Cenobites EP if it is going for around $100. Good lookin out!!
  9. Awesome man. Sounds like you have a nice taste. I like your style man. You probably have the pieces I will be selling, but I will let you know regardless. Impressive to say the least that you started collecting vinyl so young. I was way late on getting my decks and starting to collect. Props
  10. I haven't done any ripping of vinyl. I just borrow the ripped vinyl that others are so nice to share. I am actually going to liquidate some vinyl here real soon to clear some room and make a little cash. I do have some awesome blogs I visit almost daily that keeps the mp3's very fresh with older stuff mostly. Let me know if interested in the few blogs that I find very nice and also if interested in the sale of some vinyl. They will be on ebay soon and I can pm the blog sites(lots of old awesome funk) if you wish. Word